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Stabilizer Savvy

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Stabilizer Savvy
Learn to choose the best stabilizer for your fabric and design, and create picture-perfect embroidery every time!

Banish out-of-place outlines, gaps, puckering and wrinkles for good with Terri Hanson’s expert guidance on picking the right stabilizer for any project. Find out how to use cutaway stabilizer with sheer and lightweight fabrics, and achieve perfect tension when hooping it with woven fabrics. Discover which stabilizer is a great choice for appliqué, stitch-intensive designs and sturdy fabrics, and which will help you hoop and embroider tricky, bulky or oversized items. Explore the creative possibilities of wash-away stabilizer and learn valuable tips for creating freestanding lace, intricate cutwork and patches. Learn how certain stabilizers can enhance the look of your embroidery and speed up your stitching, with lessons on fusible fleece, fuse-and-stick stabilizers and topping. As a bonus, you’ll also receive four exclusive, embroidery-themed designs you can use to practice your new stabilizer skills!

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Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Get to know your instructor, machine embroidery expert Terri Hanson, and gain an overview of the class, which will help you understand when to use different types of stabilizers and how to create embroidery projects that look and feel exactly the way you want them to.


Lesson 2. Storage, Labeling & Other Basics

  • Learn all about various types of stabilizer and why you need them in the first place! Terri explains the pitfalls of working with the wrong type of support (or no stabilizer at all) and shows you the best practices for measuring before hooping. You値l also learn valuable labeling and storage tips that will prevent you from wasting your supplies on the wrong type of fabric.


Lesson 3. Cut-Away Stabilizer

  • Cut-away stabilizers are a great choice for a wide range of projects. Terri walks you through various types that are available on the market and things to consider when hooping your designs. You値l also learn helpful removal tips that will prevent you from cutting your fabric, and will save you lots of time.


Lesson 4. Tear-Away Stabilizer

  • Tear-away stabilizers are easy to remove, and provide solutions for thick or thin stitch densities. Terri shows you how different styles of tear-away create notably different aesthetics, and demonstrates how to remove both the clean and soft tear-away types without damaging your stitches. You値l also discover the best fabrics to pair with each type.


Lesson 5. Sticky Stabilizer

  • Sticky stabilizers can be challenging at times, but Terri shows you how to make them more user-friendly. Learn what types are available before trying your hand at preparing, hooping and stitching a sample design. You値l also discover ways to remove any sticky residue from needles and fabric to keep your projects looking pristine.


Lesson 6. Water-Soluble Stabilizer

  • Water-soluble stabilizers are a perfect choice for freestanding lace and much more! Learn how to work with delicate designs as Terri demonstrates the "do's and don稚s" for using this versatile stabilizer. You値l discover new project ideas and fabric pairing inspiration in addition to gaining pro tips on keeping your projects looking perfect from centers to edges.


Lesson 7. Fusible Fleece

  • Find out why fusible fleece is one of Terri痴 favorite stabilizers! Learn about the various types of fusible fleece that are available and consider a range of embroidery options, such as trapunto and redwork. Terri shows you how to remove fusible fleece without damaging your fabric, and how it can be useful when creating in-the-hoop designs.


Lesson 8. Fuse & Stick Stabilizer

  • What stabilizer should you use with appliqu? Terri answers that question and many more as she walks you through methods for using various fuse-and-stick stabilizers. Learn how to carefully adhere your stabilizer to your fabric and cut out your appliqu pieces. Next, take it to the machine to see how to successfully stitch out your work.


Lesson 9. Toppings & Cloud Cover

  • Branch out from stabilizers as you learn about toppings and cloud cover. These valuable tools help make your designs float on top of any fabric while keeping the back sides smooth for wearing comfort. Learn when to use them as you set your stitches up for success.

鄭wesome class with great information. Choosing the correct stabilizer is so important and love the tips on storing and labeling.
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