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Spinning Dyed Fibers

with Felicia Lo
Spinning Dyed Fibers
Don't spin out of control! Felicia Lo, founder of SweetGeorgia Yarns, shows you how to spin yarn confidently in the colors you've always wanted.

Have you ever wanted to create custom, hand-dyed yarn but were afraid of spinning your colors into mud? Felicia shares the trade secrets you'll need to confidently command your colors and create brilliantly-hued skeins. In addition to teaching you different ways to prepare your fiber and preserve your color, Felicia demonstrates useful techniques such as Andean and Navajo plying, spinning from the fold and the on-trend method of fractal spinning. Learn to use color theory to harmoniously match and blend fiber into hues so vibrant and beautiful, the yarn will never see your stash.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet Felicia of Sweet Georgia Yarns and learn about the Craftsy platform. Felicia will give you an in-depth preview of what you'll learn in this class.


Lesson 2. Fiber Preparation

  • Learn the basics of combing and carding. You'll also explore different fiber preparations and what it takes to make different yarns.


Lesson 3. Color Theory

  • You'll want to establish a solid understanding of color and optical mixing before you transform your fibers from skein to swatch.


Lesson 4. Working with Hand Painted Fiber

  • Develop a rich understanding of how to best utilize your hand-painted and dyed fibers. Felicia will teach you how staple length and colors interact.


Lesson 5. Preserving Color

  • Learn Navajo plying and how best to preserve your beautiful colors with step-by-step instruction.


Lesson 6. Blending Color

  • You'll blend colors like a pro after learning to pre-draft and spin from the fold. Felicia's tips and techniques make this complex-looking art achievable.


Lesson 7. Mix & Match

  • Mix and match to get crazy, creative or simply stunning colors. Felicia show you Andean plying as you create wonderful combinations.


Lesson 8. One Fiber, Many Ways

  • Explore the many different approaches you can take to the same fibers with Felicia's expert instruction.


Lesson 9. The Bayside Beanie

  • It's time to start using your yarn. Take precise measurements and then get started making the Bayside Beanie.


Lesson 10. Bonus: Fractal Spinning

  • Learn the trendy art of fractal spinning with Felicia's detailed instruction.


Lesson 11. Bonus: Making a Batt

  • Get step-by-step instruction in drum carding and make your own batt!

"I highly recommend this class! I am a self-taught spinner with little access to classes or other spinners and this is my first Craftsy class. I am impressed!"
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