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Unwind while practicing the ancient craft of spindling. Drucilla Pettibone introduces you to easy and inexpensive spinning methods.

Are you an experienced spinner who wants a portable way to play with fibers? A knitter who's always wondered about spinning? Or a fiber artist who wants more say over your initial supplies? Spin the yarn you've always dreamed about in Spindling: From Fluff to Stuff. Seasoned spindler Drucilla Pettibone will walk you through the yarn-making process, from carding natural fibers to creating stunning yarns in a variety of textures — all on a portable drop spindle. In addition to acquiring spindling skills, you'll unwind while practicing this ancient craft as Drucilla demonstrates the zen of spin. Spin more than your creative wheels and enroll in Spindling: From Fluff to Stuff today! 

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Drucilla tells you about herself, showcases various types of spindles and goes over the Craftsy learning platform.


Lesson 2. Tools & Wools

  • Learn about your spindle, about the properties of wool and how to wash, comb, card and further prepare your fiber.


Lesson 3. Getting Started Spindling

  • Set up your fiber to get your spindle spinning, and learn about some potential problems.


Lesson 4. Plying Your Fiber

  • Learn how to make a lazy kate and wind your yarn into a ball. Also learn how to combine strands to create multi-plied yarn.


Lesson 5. Finishing Your Yarn

  • Wind your yarn into a skein using a simple tool called a niddy noddy and set the yarn's twist so it won't unravel.


Lesson 6. Other Ways to Draft

  • Drucilla walks you through the short draw method used for drop spindles and shows you how to spin with a top whorl spindle.


Lesson 7. Advancing Your Spinning

  • Learn about maintaining consistency in your spin and how to use a supported spindle.


Lesson 8. Spinning Art Yarn

  • Create interesting art yarns. Try inserting objects into your yarn, use a Navajo spindle and art batts, then create "beehives."


Lesson 9. Using Your Yarn

  • Learn how to evaluate and categorize your yarn, check its gauge and discover resources to find patterns appropriate for your yarn.

"I'm a longtime knitter and I've always been curious about spinning my own yarn so I took this course, just for fun, to see what it was all about. I feel like I got exactly what I wanted ... I spun a few of my own sweet little bundles of yarn that made my friends all ooh and ahh. Dru is super nice and it feels like a close friend is there walking you through all the steps. It was great!"
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