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Sizing Knitwear Patterns

with Faina Goberstein
Sizing Knitwear Patterns

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Charlotte kaae
rated 5 stars

Geegy Smart Fun

This was what I needed.

rated 5 stars

Useful Information

Lots of useful tips along with the main course content. I really like the idea of marking off the stitch and row count as you work the gauge swatch.

rated 5 stars

The most substantial and informative class on the platform!

This class is real treasure for designers. The subject itself is quite difficult, I suppose. And I'm really grateful that Faina and Craftsy made it available for us. She is an experienced math teacher and a talented knitwear designer, that's why she handled the topic very well. In this class I learned exactly what I needed:
1) how to use Excel to simplify my calculations;
2) how to arrange my steps in calculation process;
3) the breakdown formula for slope calculations (I was ...

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rated 5 stars

You will gain a Wealth of Knowledge on Pattern Design Too!

After seeing all the videos, I finally got to my computer to work through the process. It is absolutely amazing the knowledge Ms. Faina shares. I never thought to design the garment you could plan it all out from your sample swatch and then work through all the steps to get to the final result by a written plan. Then Knit it. Awww, so that's how it's done. I love this class because it is true application of the process you gain. Yes there are some serious calculations going on, however Ms ...

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rated 5 stars

Excellent class

I really LOVE this class. I have been knitting some odd 30 years but have always followed came the time to delve into designing a sweater from scratch. I am not fond of the math involved in knitting but evidently I cannot do much knitting without it. But this class teaches you to automate some of the calculations by using Excell which is great. I only thought that Excell could be used for book-keeping, but now I know better and am using it like a pro to calculate my patterns :)

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