Sizing Knitwear Patterns

with Faina Goberstein

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Whether your goal is to sell online, get published, or knit a sweater to fit, with Faina's expert grading tips, you'll be on your way to pattern success! Read More…

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Class Description

Knitwear designer and math professor Faina Goberstein walks you step-by-step through every calculation involved in grading a range of sizes, from the initial gauge swatch through shaping a garment and calculating yardage. You will conquer your pattern-grading fears and finish with a pattern that's ready to knit, and the knowledge and tools to use these skills for years to come.

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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet Faina, learn about the Craftsy platform and get started on sizing basics.


Lesson 2. Important Beginnings

  • Get started with the basics! Learn about measurements and swatching. Make your first gauge swatch and get used to calculating gauge.


Lesson 3. Excel Basics

  • Learn how this common spreadsheet program can help you with your calculations. Get set up, copy your calculations and learn how to format your cell.


Lesson 4. Plan Before You Cast On

  • Planning your knitting can be the difference to making a perfect fit! A little math will make your knitting fit; learn some basic cast-on and sizing calculations.


Lesson 5. Waist Shaping

  • Get the fit you want through the middle using decreases and calculations of slope.


Lesson 6. Armhole Shaping & Sleeve Options

  • Get the sleeve look you want with bind-offs and shaping techniques.


Lesson 7. Neckline & Shoulder Shaping

  • Connect those seams and plan your stitches. Learn about shoulders and neckline shaping with so many possibilities!


Lesson 8. Sleeves

  • Calculate those slopes and increases for the right fit in your sleeves.


Lesson 9. Estimated Yardage & Wrapping Up

  • Figure out what you'll need. Use geometry to make your schematics work and calculate yardage.

"Faina is a wonderful instructor, she's incredibly good at explaining things that I never in a million years would have thought I would understand ... The biggest roadblock for me and getting my designs out of my head has been the math and the why and how behind it all. She explains everything beautifully. I am so happy that I took a chance on this class! Can't wait to get my patterns finished! :)"
- PhancyPahnts
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Student Projects

Gita by Faina Goberstein
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  • Flower Cardigan (adult sizes)
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  • Cornelia sweater
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  • Snowy Day

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