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Sewing With Silks

The Liberty Shirt

with Linda Lee
Sewing With Silks
Gain silk-sewing confidence and a gorgeous garment as you stitch along with Linda Lee and her Sewing Workshop pattern, included with the class.

Renowned designer and sewing instructor Linda Lee guides you through the construction of the classic and luxurious Liberty Shirt (pattern included!) and gives you invaluable tips for working with these exquisite fabrics. Silk's graceful drape and lustrous sheen make it a natural choice for creating beautiful clothing, but its cost and delicate nature can be intimidating. In this Craftsy class, Linda demystifies silk's many varieties and shares a wealth of techniques for preparing, sewing and finishing the show-stopping Liberty Shirt.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet your instructor, fashion and sewing designer Linda Lee, and discover what you'll learn and create over the course of this class.


Lesson 2. Preparing to Sew

  • Linda demystifies silks, explaining how to prepare and straighten your fabric to achieve the best results. Then she walks you through pattern preparation, offering helpful tips that will save time and make sewing easier.


Lesson 3. Lay Out, Cut Out & Structure

  • Lay out your pattern, mark all the pieces and fuse the interfacing along with Linda's step-by-step tutorials as you learn how to achieve the structure you desire.


Lesson 4. Sewing With Silk

  • Time to sew! Learn how to select the best thread and needles for the job, pick up valuable tips about stay-stitching and prepare and sew the shirt hem.


Lesson 5. Back Hem & Mitered Corners

  • Pressing with templates makes hems and mitered corners easy! In this lesson, Linda walks you through techniques for sewing a mitered corner and topstitching.


Lesson 6. Sewing French Seams

  • Discover how to create a beautiful French seam, leaving your garment without any raw edges. Then sew together the shoulder and side seam in this style with Linda's encouraging guidance.


Lesson 7. Collar Construction

  • Creating a gorgeous, crisp collar is not impossible, and in this lesson, Linda shows you how. Learn how to trim, press and turn corners, edgestitch, hand baste and attach the collar to achieve stunning results.


Lesson 8. Adding Facing & Finishing Hems

  • Explore options for facing and hem connection as you prepare and attach the facing, gain valuable pressing and clipping tips, and finish the hems and facing for a gorgeous end result.


Lesson 9. Sleeves

  • Basting the sleeve cap is key to setting in the sleeve. Learn how to press using a template, baste the sleeve cap, sew the sleeve seam, sew the vent and topstitch the sleeve hem using Linda's helpful tips.


Lesson 10. Buttons & Buttonholes

  • Learn how to achieve the perfect button and buttonhole alignment with Linda's helpful tips as you space, mark and sew your buttonholes, ripping out as needed. Discover Linda's helpful tips on how button choices and spacing can make a huge difference in your garment!


Lesson 11. Alternate Seam & Hem Finishes

  • Add even more stylish seam and hem finishes to your collection with Linda's take on slipstitching, zigzag stitches, baby hems and handkerchief hems, including pointers on when and how to use different finishes to varying effects.

"Linda's way of explaining the different methods of construction is one of the very best of any of the classes I have taken on the Craftsy platform. The camera work is excellent. (...) I have never worked with silk and have five pieces in my closet. Linda has given me the courage to try. I have enrolled in her knit class and will take any classes Linda teaches. I would give this class a ten star. It is great to be able to view the class at any time you wish."
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