Sewing Fashion Knits

Beyond the Basics

with Linda Lee

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Stretch your skills with designer Linda Lee as you learn how to sew knits from slinky to open weave, including preparation, sewing and serging for a perfect finish. Read More…

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Class Description

Fashion knit fabrics have a delicious drape, create elegant yet comfortable garments, but can often be challenging to sew. Master the techniques you need to create your own fashion knit wardrobe with your home sewing machine, including how to prepare your fabric, finish seams and edges, stabilize shoulders and necklines, and troubleshoot for puckering, curling, slipped stitches and more. If you have a serger, Linda offers invaluable advice for using it to create attractive finishes.

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Sewing Fashion Knits: Beyond the Basics
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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Meet Linda Lee

  • Meet Linda and explore different types of knits and fabrics. You'll also learn about the differences between sewing machines and sergers.


Lesson 2. Preparing Fabric

  • Consider how your fabric will stretch and sew some samples with Linda's expert instruction and helpful tips.


Lesson 3. Cutting & Marking

  • Linda shows you how to find the right side and grain line. You'll also learn to lay out your pattern pieces using weights.


Lesson 4. Seam Finishes

  • Gain an understanding of the stitch options on your sewing machine and serger - from open seams to flatlocking and finishing.


Lesson 5. Stabilizing Knits

  • Linda helps you learn to add structure to your garment with facings and interfacings. Stabilize your knits with this knowledge!


Lesson 6. Hem Finishes

  • Thick or thin, these hems look great. Explore turned and fusible hems, compare products and learn to use a double needle with Linda's detailed instruction.


Lesson 7. Edge Finishes

  • Pretty edges give your piece a polished look. Learn to sew traditional and ready-to-wear binding!


Lesson 8. Bonus: Sewing a Simple Garment

  • Linda provides even more tips and tricks to improve your edges with an in-depth look at shoulder and sleeve seams.

"Linda has a clear teaching style, and the camera angles are great -- you can see exactly what she's doing. Just a great class for anyone who wants to sew better with knits. Thanks Linda!"
- barb.alsk40780

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