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Sewing Custom Valances

with Sue Sampson and Ellen DeLucia
Sewing Custom Valances
Get versatile views by creating custom valances in this accessible home decor class with designers Sue Sampson and Ellen DeLucia.

Longtime home decor designers and friends, Sue and Ellen have teamed up to teach you all the steps necessary to create the perfect valance - from choosing the shape, measurements and fabric to board mounting the finished window dressing.  Sue and Ellen walk you through constructing a sophisticated, symmetrical valance, as well as a more modern, asymmetric look. You'll also get creative ideas and techniques to personalize your valance with appliqué, trims, piping and more. You can even design with a child in mind, recreating their artwork on a window topper. Get step-by-step instruction on how to achieve perfect pleats, add protective lining and construct a simple mount for each of your versatile valances. 

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet your instructors, Sue Sampson and Ellen DeLucia, and learn more about your class.


Lesson 2. Designing Your Valance

  • Sue and Ellen walk you through the design process, helping you choose a style and fabric for your valance, as well as embellishments, linings and more.


Lesson 3. Measuring Your Window

  • It's important to get the right numbers to create the perfect custom valance. Learn what window measurements you'll need and how to take them.


Lesson 4. Setting Up Your Workroom

  • You'll want to have a good workspace for assembling your valance. Learn how to cover and protect your work surface and assemble the tools you'll need.


Lesson 5. Customizing Pattern Pieces

  • Ellen and Sue help you modify the valance pattern you've chosen so you get the length and width you want.


Lesson 6. Cutting & Seaming with Cellophane

  • Working with patterned fabric can be tricky! Learn a great trick for getting all your pieces lined up with a smooth pattern transition, then assemble your valance covering and finish the seams.


Lesson 7. Banding & Cording

  • Whether you prefer banding or piping for finishing your edges, Sue and Ellen will show you how to achieve a professional look.


Lesson 8. Constructing the Valance

  • It's time to put all those layers together, sewing the lining and adding finishing touches!


Lesson 9. Creative Variations

  • Now that you understand the foundations of valance construction, explore some of the many design variations you can choose for your own creation, from decorative stitching to covered buttons.


Lesson 10. Mounting the Valance

  • Ready to dress up your window? Learn how to assemble the valance mounting, attach the finished valance and install it on your window. Then step back and admire the view!

"I really enjoyed this class. The instructors are upbeat and thorough. Their love of what they do and extensive experience comes through in the lessons. If you can think of a general question regarding construction or the pattern, they have likely answered it in one of the videos, and if they haven't, ask it and they will quickly give you a helpful response. This class is well worth the cost."
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