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Secrets of Slow Cooking: Mastering the Braise

with Molly Stevens
Secrets of Slow Cooking: Mastering the Braise
Demystify the art of the slow simmer with Molly Stevens as she walks you through the essential steps of creating perfectly braised meats and vegetables.

Explore the science behind braising — gently cooking meats or vegetables under cover in a little bit of liquid — and discover the delicious and tender result! From ingredient selection to in-depth discussions on the correct methods for browning, flavoring and cooking, Molly offers her expert advice culled from years spent testing techniques and developing recipes for her James Beard Award-winning book, All About Braising. Molly’s step-by-step approach to building a braise will give you the confidence to tackle any recipe or use any protein or vegetable you choose!

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Getting Started

  • Meet Molly Stevens and learn the science behind braising.


Lesson 2. The Main Ingredient

  • Molly leads an in-depth discussion on which cuts of meat are ideal for braising.


Lesson 3. Browning Before the Braise

  • Walk through the steps of browning for beef, pork, and chicken and learn some of the key considerations for each protein.


Lesson 4. Adding Aromatics

  • Learn what types of aromatics to use and how to prepare them for braising.


Lesson 5. Choosing a Braising Liquid

  • Learn what liquids to use, and how much and when to add them to the pot.


Lesson 6. The Braise

  • Molly braises beef and pork in the oven and chicken on the stove. Learn how often to check and turn the meat.


Lesson 7. The Finish

  • Learn techniques for skimming fat and finishing the braising liquid. Molly also shows you how to prepare dishes ahead of time.


Lesson 8. Braising Vegetables

  • Learn how to braise vegetables as Molly takes you through the steps of braising potatoes, cabbage and fennel.

"I liked the way the class was structured with Molly showing each stage with 3 different recipes, rather than working on one recipe at a time completely. Instructions were clear and informative and I learnt a lot I did not know, even though I have been cooking for many years. The class gave me the confidence to try my own thing and so far I have done several braises and none of them were the actual recipes from the course. This is because Molly makes sure that you understand what is needed and why and she gives lots of options. "
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