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Seaming Handknits

with Chris Bylsma
Seaming Handknits
Learn to stitch up your seams with expert ease as instructor Chris Bylsma teaches you the secrets to seaming handknits! 
Don't let a beautiful sweater fall apart at the seams. Join Chris Bylsma as she teaches you the steps to stitch up any handknit seam, from cables to ribbing to cuffs. Learn the theories behind how horizontal and vertical seams work, giving you insight into the best ways to stitch them up. You’ll love discovering new ways to finish your garment that will make your sweaters stronger and more stylish than ever!
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Lesson 1. Basic Shoulder Seams

  • Meet your instructor, Chris Bylsma, and learn the theory behind the cornerstone of seaming: the horizontal seam before Chris shows you how to master it.


Lesson 2. More Horizontal-Seaming Techniques

  • Chris dissects and demonstrates more advanced horizontal seams including ribbing, cables and step shoulder seams.


Lesson 3. Side Seams

  • Tackle side seams, which allow you to knit sweaters and other garments flat, work pieces one at a time, customize sizes between the front and back and add shaping.


Lesson 4. More Side-Seaming Techniques

  • Stripes, garter stitches and sleeves might seem challenging, but this lesson will show you how to create perfectly matching edges


Lesson 5. Combination Seams

  • Learn the theory behind combination seams and how to attach stitches that don't naturally line up.


Lesson 6. Set-In Sleeves

  • Don't let sleeves create unwanted bulk on your sweaters! Learn how to attach even the most tricky sleeves.


Lesson 7. Unusual Seams

  • Cuffs and live stitches may seem like obstacles, but this lesson will teach you how to work with unusual seams and finish your garment like a professional.

“I would recommend this class to all knitters. A very practical class with great explanations. The visual aid drawings that Chris uses really help to explain the “what” and “why” of what is going on with the stitches. Love that the lessons are short and concise.”
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