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Rigid Heddle Weaving: Beyond the Basics

with Deborah Jarchow
Rigid Heddle Weaving: Beyond the Basics
Tired of the same old back and forth? Pick up new skills with weaver Deborah Jarchow, sample a variety of techniques and create a stunning table runner.

Artist Deborah Jarchow demonstrates a variety of rigid heddle techniques for weavers who want to create more complex and beautiful fabrics.  Deborah will lead you through the techniques for color and weave, leno, Brooks bouquet and more. Weave along with Deborah and get a handle on managing selvages, maintaining an even tension and reviewing design considerations. You'll even learn how to create decorative edgings and to incorporate your work into a fabulous garment. Included with your class are practice patterns as well as the pattern for the Log Cabin Table Runner, designed exclusively for you!

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet your instructor, Deborah Jarchow, and learn more about the rigid heddle loom and your Craftsy class.


Lesson 2. Color & Weave

  • Awesome patterns come simply from changing up the order or the colors in your warp and weft. Deborah shows you how to get started and how to manage your selvages with even and odd repeats. She discusses design considerations and introduces the Log Cabin pattern.


Lesson 3. Leno

  • No, not Jay Leno, the talk show host. The leno weaving technique involves twisting warp threads. Deborah demonstrates 1x1, 2x2 and stacking leno with a dish towel sample.


Lesson 4. Brooks Bouquet

  • Bundles of warp threads make a lovely pattern. Deborah shows you single- and double-wrap techniques as well as how to add beads and work with chunky yarn.


Lesson 5. Warp Pick-Up

  • A pattern stick helps you manipulate the warp threads to create your designs. Learn how to insert the pattern stick on your loom and try three different sample patterns. Deborah also shows how to use two pattern sticks.


Lesson 6. Weft Pick-Up

  • You can use the weft pick-up technique on its own or combine it with warp pick-up. Set up your loom with Deborah's help and give it a try!


Lesson 7. Finishing

  • Deborah demonstrates many ways to tie off or hem your work, then wet-finish and block it.


Lesson 8. Adding Knitted & Crocheted Trims

  • Knitting and crochet add flexibility to garments, and it's easy to pick up stitches along the edges of your weaving. Deborah shows you how!


Lesson 9. From Sample to Project

  • Sample, sample, sample the many techniques Deborah has shown, and take copious notes. You'll have a library of swatches to browse through when you're ready to plan your next project!

"I love this class! I watched it all the way through first - then warped up to work through the various projects. I am thrilled to have learned so many new techniques, "seeing" how they are woven was so helpful, as books can only take you so far. I like how the lessons were laid out, all the helpful tricks and tips and I really liked how the instructor worked with many types and weights of yarn. ... Thank you for an outstanding learning experience."
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