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Professional Family Portraits

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Professional Family Portraits
Learn essential skills for successful family photo sessions with toddlers, mature adults and groups, FREE!

Bring out the best in your subjects with professional photographer Kirk Tuck’s advanced strategies for family portraiture. Transform any room into a portrait studio with Kirk's quick tips on improving your setting, and easily create ideal lighting indoors and out with the use of bounce flash, umbrellas and affordable materials like foam core. Discover the key to engaging your subject as Kirk reveals how to capture shots of energetic and oftentimes impatient toddlers. Shoot flattering portraits of mature subjects with professional exposure and composition techniques. Learn how to direct and pose a large group, and then move into post-processing to erase blemishes, soften wrinkles and modify color cast for polished images that families will be proud to display in their homes for years to come.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Welcome to Your Free Mini-Class!

  • Overview on how to use your FREE mini class!


Lesson 2. Introduction & In-Home Photo Shoot

  • Meet your instructor, Kirk Tuck, and learn about his preferred lenses. Then jump right into photographing children and family groups. Photographing children can be a challenge because they are always on the move. Kirk provides tricks for catching young children's attention and demonstrates how to photograph them with a flash. You'll also get tips on props and posing, learn to manage light and shadows and set your subjects up for a fun and successful photo shoot.


Lesson 3. Ambient Light, Garage-Style

  • Set up an impromptu photo studio in your garage! Kirk shows you how to get great shots with ambient light and focuses on photographing mature subjects. He reviews the differences between broad and short lighting and shows how to pose for both. Learn how to set up your fill lights, use an off-camera flash as your main light and take environmental portraits.


Lesson 4. Locations for Group Photos

  • Posing your subjects, especially large groups, can be a challenge. Kirk directs a family photo shoot outdoors and shares his tips for putting everyone in their best light.


Lesson 5. Processing Basics in Lightroom & Photoshop

  • Even the best portraits can use a little tweaking in a photo-processing program. Kirk explains how to use Lightroom or Photoshop to adjust shadows and saturation, remove blemishes, soften wrinkles and generally help your subjects look their best.

Praise for Kirk Tuck's Studio Portrait Lighting:

"I just finished Mr. Tuck's class on studio portrait lighting. The class was extremely informative and answered many questions I had trying to put together a studio. Mr. Tuck simplified what used to seem so complex and did so in a relaxed style that was so easy to understand. I highly recommend this course."
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