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Portraits With an On-Camera Speedlight

with Neil van Niekerk
Portraits With an On-Camera Speedlight
Use light to bring your portraits to life! Harness available light and learn advanced on-camera flash techniques with Neil van Niekerk.
Using a speedlight successfully in environments with challenging natural light is what separates the pro photographer from the rest. Learn the effects of different lighting environments and when to use automatic or manual flash. Attain optimal lighting on your subject by bouncing your flash in ways you might not have thought possible to achieve correct exposure. With a speedlight, you can control your subject痴 lighting in any environment using Neil痴 innovative tips and methods.
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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Effectively Using Your Flash

  • Meet Neil and learn how effective use of your flash will transform your photos. You値l evaluate environmental light and pick up easy bounce and fill techniques.


Lesson 2. Speedlight Basics

  • Demystify how speedlights work so you can buy the best flash for your needs and use its features and settings most effectively.


Lesson 3. Exposure Metering & Fill Flash

  • Use on- and off-camera light meters to adjust for correct exposure. Neil analyzes his test shots to show how to interpret histograms and correct with fill flash.


Lesson 4. Light Modifiers & Bounce Flash

  • Neil teaches you when to bounce and why we bounce. You値l learn how to adjust your subject, bounce off surfaces and use cards and diffusers.


Lesson 5. Manual Flash

  • Take camera settings into your own hands. Neil discusses how to balance aperture, ISO and flash features, and understand histograms and guide numbers.


Lesson 6. Shooting Against Bright Light

  • Go on location with Neil as he shoots indoors against harsh light conditions. Neil shows you how to evaluate your meter data and adjust camera, light and subject.


Lesson 7. Shooting Outside

  • Achieve great portrait lighting outdoors in shade or sunlight. You値l learn how to position your subject to avoid harsh contrasts, use reflectors and adjust camera settings.

I think of myself as a seasoned wedding photographer. I saw this class advertised ... I thought maybe I'd buy it to pick up a tip or two. Holy moly! Just a tip or two? Oh no, more like a whole masterclass of information I had no idea that I didn't know ... You will be grateful that you found this course to help you understand flash once and for all. Thanks Neil!
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