Perspective in Landscape Drawing

with Patrick Connors

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Master linear perspective and learn to draw landscapes accurately using simple tools and classic techniques. Read More…

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Class Rating

(5 reviews)

rated 5 stars

Terrific class-informative, supportative, and too good to miss!

This atelier style class is filled with information which will not only help one to draw in perspective, but to better understand other's works of art. It encompasses the background of perspective, materials to work with in drawing perspective, and critiques of one's work which are not only helpful but encouraging. Patrick's experience enables his reviews to not only inform the artist but all artists willing to read the reviews about things to keep in mind when drawing. His care and ...

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rated 5 stars

Wonderful class on perspective.

I loved this class. As with most artists, the most difficult I find is the ability to draw perspective. I learned a lot from all the lessons and I am most pleased with the instructor. Thank you for all the help.

rated 5 stars

wonderful class

One of my biggest problems in drawing has been perspective. This is one of the best classes on perspective I have taken. Patrick is a wonderful teacher, his explanations and tools have given me a new understanding of perspective and space and I cant wait to try some new drawings with this information. Thanks for such an informative class! And in helping me look at things in a new way!

Margaret Mitchell
rated 5 stars


I have been painting animals and landscapes without the training, I so desperately needed to totally understand perspectives, I am self taught.
My father was also a artist and he taught me a little, but mostly i Taught myself. This video is awesome- I am learning so much..I feel like a sponge.
I cant wait to get home from work and seethe next chapter. I like that he give you homework to be able to absorb all of the information. Thanks

rated 5 stars

Incredible atelier style class!

To put this review in perspective (sorry for the pun), I have pretty much zero training in drawing. I've done the very basic railroad-track perspective drawing, but that's it. That said, for me, this class was incredible. My guess is it would also be terrific for those with some training/experience, although perhaps not for accomplished draw-ers. A big part of the class' value is a result of the level of involvement Patrick invests in his students. He says right from the start that he has ...

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