Perspective in Landscape Drawing

with Patrick Connors

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Master linear perspective and learn to draw landscapes accurately using simple tools and classic techniques. Read More…

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Class Description

A seasoned instructor of linear perspective, Connors shares a brief overview of the significance and history of perspective in art, then leads you through a series of drawing exercises designed to strengthen your perceptual skills and explore compositional strategies. You'll see how these strategies have been employed by other artists and learn how to make your own compositional tools. Using a model landscape, you'll refine your ability to visualize a scene then explore atmospheric perspective by building up a sketch with tonal masses.

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Perspective in Landscape Drawing
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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Meet Patrick Connors

  • Patrick introduces himself, discusses pictorial depth and introduces you to masterpiece works of art that use perspective.


Lesson 2. Tools & Supplies

  • Get the most out of your drawing tools -- sketchbooks, pencils, erasers and more -- and how to store your artwork.


Lesson 3. Perception & Misperceptions

  • Learn the perceptions and misperceptions of achieving space and depth using line, tone and detail.


Lesson 4. The Albertian Veil

  • Learn to make and use a tool for analyzing space -- the Albertian veil.


Lesson 5. Landscape Drawing & More Tools

  • Draw a landscape while using a cone of vision, a plumb line, a measure stick and other helpful tools.


Lesson 6. The Layout of the Land

  • Consider the relative space and orientation between objects in your landscape.


Lesson 7. Atmospheric Perspective

  • Learn how light, midtone and shadow can be used to achieve atmospheric perspective.

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Student Projects

Continuing the Process by Patrick Connors
  • Photo of Patrick Connors
  • by Patrick Connors
  • Continuing the Process
Landscape Drawing, Week 3 (Lessons 1-4) by Rod B
  • Photo of Rod B
  • by Rod B
  • Landscape Drawing, Week 3 (Lessons 1-4)
Planning the Process by Patrick Connors
  • Photo of Patrick Connors
  • by Patrick Connors
  • Planning the Process
Drawing Perspective by Patrick Connors
  • Photo of Patrick Connors
  • by Patrick Connors
  • Drawing Perspective

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