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Patternmaking + Design: Creative Necklines

with Suzy Furrer
Patternmaking + Design: Creative Necklines
Beautiful necklines and finishing details are marks of an excellent patternmaker. Learn to draft an array of flattering necklines and finishing flourishes.

Complete your patternmaking foundation. Join Apparel Arts founder Suzy Furrer as she builds on her Patternmaking Basics and Patternmaking + Design: Creative Darts & Seam Lines classes to guide you through drafting, fitting, truing and marking neckline styles such as boat, Grecian, funnel, opera, V-neck, sweetheart, cornered and more! Then, hone your patternmaking prowess as you create custom patterns: a surplice dress with a V-neck, chevron stripes and a full skirt with a facing. Move on to a boat-neck dress with a tulip skirt, lining and underlining. Finally, draft a strapless dress with flounces, bodice boning and a waist stay. Learn the skills to draft designer neckline styles and striking dresses, blouses, T-shirts and tunics.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Meet Suzy Furrer

  • Meet your instructor, Suzy Furrer, and learn more about the necklines and techniques covered in your class.


Lesson 2. Boat Neckline

  • Suzy discusses the fit and features of the boat neckline, then jumps right into drafting one, both front and back. She also explains the wide neckline rule, which you'll use again and again in your patternmaking.


Lesson 3. V Necklines

  • Drafting a V neckline requires a little extra measuring and adjusting for a perfect fit and clean lines. Suzy shows you how to get even a chevron-striped V-neck just right.


Lesson 4. Sweetheart & Cornered Necklines

  • Learn how to draft the flattering sweetheart and cornered necklines as well as facings. If your neckline gapes, Suzy shows how to tighten it up.


Lesson 5. Strapless, Halter & Grecian Necklines

  • A strapless, one-shoulder or halter neckline might seem challenging, but Suzy walks you through drafting each style so you can design your own.


Lesson 6. Funnel & Opera Necklines

  • If a high neckline is the look you want, Suzy's got you covered, with drafting tips for front and back, including facings.


Lesson 7. The Striped Surplice Dress

  • Are you ready to tackle more elaborate garments? Suzy walks you through the creation of a pattern for a wrapped dress with stripes. When you're finished, you'll see how a production pattern for such a pattern should look.


Lesson 8. The Boat-Neck Dress With Tulip Skirt

  • Continue to use your neckline knowledge as you design a delightful party dress from top to bottom.


Lesson 9. The Strapless Pencil Dress

  • A strapless top or dress benefits from some sturdy inner structure. As Suzy guides you through this design, she discusses the ways you can line, interline and add boning.


Lesson 10. The Knit Dress

  • Many of the principles you've learned with woven fabrics apply to knits as well, with some differences. Suzy explains how to adapt your designs and patternmaking for use with knit fabric.

"My name is Cecile, I am French, living in Denmark. I have been sewing for a few years now and am amazed of what I was able to accomplish with these classes. I started with the bodice sloper class and bought all of the others right after. I now have a perfect moulage of myself (which I actually used to make a body form) and now I am starting designing and everything fits so perfectly!!! ... Suzy, you are a wonderful teacher!"
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