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Painting the Imagined Landscape in Acrylics

with Greg Houston
Painting the Imagined Landscape in Acrylics
Develop essential acrylic skills and paint a dreamlike landscape inspired by your imagination!

Explore traditional and imagined landscape paintings as you learn foundational acrylic techniques from award-winning illustrator Greg Houston. Discover how to use color and artistic devices to convey mood, and create an underpainting that sets the stage for your landscape composition. Define ground, sky and shadows and build layers of warm and cool hues with expressive energy. Once you’ve mastered the classic landscape motif, play with color palette, texture and style to create a surreal scene inspired by your unique artistic vision. Enhance your painting with layering, glazing and ethereal effects and create an imagined landscape that shows off your creative style.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Naturalist & Symbolist Landscapes

  • Meet your instructor, professional illustrator and graphic novel artist Greg Houston. Youíll gain insight into the techniques youíll learn over the course of this class before tapping into your creative side as you begin to look for inspiration in new places.


Lesson 2. Drawing Inspiration

  • Bring your first imagined landscape to life as you sketch out the elements with Houstonís help along the way. Consider the formatting of your work and the placement of each element as you create a drawing that youíll use as a springboard for your painting.


Lesson 3. Warm Landscape Underpainting

  • Begin to explore your landscape in color as you lay in an underpainting for a warm-toned landscape. Houston explains everything you need to know, including how to tape a canvas, what colors to consider and how refined (or unrefined) your underpainting can be. Youíll also explore increasingly more complex compositional choices and start developing the play of light and shadow in your piece.


Lesson 4. Warm Landscape Development

  • Continue to develop the underpainting you started in Lesson 3 as you find the joy in adding anything your imagination craves to your canvas. Work alongside Houston as you capture nuanced shadows, graceful forms and a dramatic sky before adding a touch more color with a wash.


Lesson 5. Warm Landscape Finishing

  • Put the finishing touches on your warm landscape piece with professional-level details. Houston walks you through ways to create more warmth, build intricate textures and work through mistakes. Complete your piece with playful pops of white as you add highlights and use a splatter technique to add a dreamlike quality to your finished piece.


Lesson 6. Cool Landscape

  • Switch your canvas to a vertical composition as you begin developing a landscape with cool hues. Houston illustrates how using a cooler underpainting and palette can lead to a dramatically different mood, even when painting similar elements. Push your skills further in layering and mixing colors as you lay in the essential elements and add intrigue with key details.


Lesson 7. Cool Landscape Detail Work

  • Delve deeper into your cool landscape work as you implement some of Houstonís favorite methods for adding layers and special effects that will make your piece remarkably unique. Youíll finish the class with the ability to bring forms to the canvas straight from your imagination, using deftly defined details and ethereal layers to spark amazement in your viewers.

"I loved this course. I have taken quite a few fine art classes, and this one was so much fun. I love the fantasy, imaginative element to the paintings and how liberating it is to be able to paint something that you want, rather than what's in front of you.(...) This course was fun to watch from beginning to end and I did it all in nearly one sitting! The instructor, Greg Houston, is lively, amusing and very easy to listen to. I enjoyed his sense of humor and how personal it felt to watch him. I watched this course on my ipad at my partner's house, and he kept shuffling up to me on the sofa to watch it too. It became our evening viewing! I would recommend this course to anyone looking for something a little bit different."
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