Painting Flowers in Acrylic

with Micah Ganske

Photo of Micah Ganske

Paint a stunning floral still life with ease in this FREE class! Learn how to bring color, composition and technique together to create an acrylic work of art. Read More…

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Class Rating

(7 reviews)

rated 5 stars

Excellent explanations and demonstrations!

Excellent explanations of the glaze and layering techniques, as well as the proper use of gel and paint medium. If anyone didn't understand something, all they needed to do is replay a lesson or a segment as many times as necessary, and pay attention to what he was saying AND doing. Probably a bit challenging for beginners, but I don't think this was intended for beginners. I especially appreciated his honesty in explaining what to do when things don't come out as expected, which often happens! ...

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rated 5 stars

Love the tips

I've been taking acrylic painting for a year now from a local artist and I learned more tips from Micah than I did in a year at the studio. I've never had all of this explained so well before. Thanks, Micah!

rated 5 stars

Thank you. Excellent class!

Thank you to Craftsy, Michaels & Micah for providing this free class. It is very helpful. Hopefully you will provide more acrylic painting classes including landscaping.

rated 5 stars

Very Helpful

I enjoy painting and have been pretty much working on my own. As a beginner, the course was very helpful in guiding me in sequencing, and selecting materials for a painting. The video worked perfectly on my computer. No problems. Will try to use the skills learned on other paintings.

rated 3 stars

Farily good...

However, difficult to judge as this was our first art class online. Constant switching of camera angle was annoying. Suggestions were made for previous segment after the next lesson had begun. We weren't even taught how to properly load our brushes until the very last lesson. No time spent on showing how to paint leaves at all. Got very lost on how to paint the rose! In particular the center.

This is supposed to be a beginners lesson- basics should have been gone over before the ...

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