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Painting an Allegory: Concept to Canvas

with Martin Wittfooth
Painting an Allegory: Concept to Canvas
Compose stunning allegorical paintings and bring them to life on canvas! Join Martin Wittfooth in the studio for a study in storytelling.

Learn the secrets to creating striking allegorical paintings that will fascinate viewers and ignite their imagination. Join instructor Martin Wittfooth for an exploration of professional painting techniques that will enrich your use of themes and symbols. You'll use three classic composition styles that will change the way you look at art -- the golden ratio, rule of thirds and diamond guide -- while venturing into the current era with digital composition tools like Photoshop. Wittfooth's expert tips will help you infuse underlying messages to your art in meaningful ways as you apply intentional focal points and more technical prowess to everything you paint.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction to Allegorical Painting

  • Meet your instructor, Martin Wittfooth, and discover the importance of symbols and themes in allegorical paintings.


Lesson 2. Developing a Concept

  • Learn how composition, symbolism and storytelling play a powerful role in allegorical works.


Lesson 3. Diamond Guide & Rule of Thirds

  • Gain a comprehensive view of two of the most classic composition types, and create paper templates for future works.


Lesson 4. The Golden Ratio

  • Delve into another classical theme found in both art and nature-- the "Golden Ratio"-- and learn how to apply it to your work.


Lesson 5. Digital Composition Tools

  • In this lesson, Wittfooth demonstrates how to digitize composition styles so you can easily resize and apply them to any project.


Lesson 6. Composing in Photoshop

  • Wittfooth demonstrates how to create and modify compositional styles using Photoshop.


Lesson 7. Creating an Underpainting

  • Transfer your work to canvas and learn how to efficiently lay in the background, middle ground and foreground.


Lesson 8. Blocking in Color

  • Add vibrant color to your composition as you develop and refine elements in each plane of your painting.


Lesson 9. Refining the Details

  • Learn how to add detail to meaningful elements that will guide the viewer's eye and bring your symbols to life.

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