New Directions in Lace

with Romi Hill

Photo of Romi Hill

Learn to love lace with designer Romi Hill as you knit her absolutely stunning “Fiori Autunnali” V-shaped shawl. Read More…

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Class Description

Renowned lace knitwear designer Romi Hill leads you through her breathtaking “Fiori Autunnali” shawl — every bit as beautiful as it is versatile! Learn expert tips for reading charts, casting on and fixing mistakes. Knit along with her as you create beautiful scalloped edges and learn how to bind off. Practice on a small doll-sized shawl if you prefer before embarking on this innovative lace project.

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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Introduction to Romi

  • Meet your instructor, Romi Hill, and get introduced to the Doll Shawl, a mini version of your project.


Lesson 2. Learning to Knit Lace

  • Learn all about lace! From yarn and beads to blocking, you'll learn the basics and build from there.


Lesson 3. Fundamental Tips & Techniques

  • Learn how to read charts, use stitch markers and create lifelines to save your knitting. With these fundamental techniques, you'll be able to address most issues you encounter in you lace knitting!


Lesson 4. Starting to Knit In the Round

  • Get started knitting lace! Learn about the bellybutton cast-on, joining your working yarn and starting stitches.


Lesson 5. Knitting the Doll Shawl

  • Shawl charts are your friend! Make a smaller version of a lace shawl to practice your decreases and bead placement.


Lesson 6. Transitioning from Circular to Flat

  • Learn how to transition your lace from circular knitting to flat knitting. Bind off and add wings to create a fantastic shawl.


Lesson 7. Blocking Lace

  • Finish your shawl with flair! Weave in the ends, soak, dye, and block everything. Add beads as a finishing touch.

"I love Romi's delightful personality as she shares her experience and knowledge on knitting lace. There are a lot of tips that I am taking away from these videos as an experienced lace knitter. It is wonderful to be able to watch the new-to-me techniques over and over again to get them right! A fantastic class with a gorgeous shawl!!!"
- Linzknits
Toronto, Canada

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Student Projects

Fiori Autunnali Shawl by Romi Hill
  • Photo of Romi Hill
  • by Romi Hill
  • Fiori Autunnali Shawl
Fiori Autunnali Shawl by Romi Hill
  • Photo of Romi Hill
  • by Romi Hill
  • Fiori Autunnali Shawl
Fiori Autunalli Shawl by sosu
  • Photo of sosu
  • by sosu
  • Fiori Autunalli Shawl
Fiori Autunnali Shawl by Romi Hill
  • Photo of Romi Hill
  • by Romi Hill
  • Fiori Autunnali Shawl

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