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Narrative Portraiture: Painting in Acrylic

with Micah Ganske
Narrative Portraiture: Painting in Acrylic
Join artist Micah Ganske as he draws on the basics of mixing, glazing and layering to create a narrative portrait.

Gain expert tips on portraiture with Micah Ganske whether you are new to acrylics or a veteran painter looking to create a unique portrait. You'll start with the basics of choosing a photo, transferring the image to canvas and building a portrait with glazes. Ganske explains the many layers of acrylic in an intimate environment as he demonstrates how to build a painting from the underpainting to the finishing touches. With a crisp, over-the-shoulder view of Ganske's work, you'll gain thorough insight into how an accomplished painter moves and constructs an image.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet your instructor, Micah Ganske, and learn how to set up and get started.


Lesson 2. Transferring the Photo

  • Choose and apply your background paint, transfer your photo onto canvas, and sketch in the details you'll need before painting.


Lesson 3. Underpainting

  • Ganske shows you how to create an underpainting with your acrylics, adding detail and defining various sections as you go.


Lesson 4. Underpainting the Midtones

  • Taking your work a step further, you'll mix and apply the midtones to your painting, resulting in a finished underpainting.


Lesson 5. Starting the Overpainting

  • Your creativity will be sparked as you mix and apply colors to start the overpainting of your work, paying careful attention to laying in lights.


Lesson 6. Building Up The Overpainting

  • Ganske walks you through the process of building up your overpainting, laying in shadows and adding beautiful details.


Lesson 7. Overpainting the Background

  • Bring the background to life, continue to refine details and revisit areas to add complexity and dimension.


Lesson 8. Finishing Touches

  • Put a polished glow on your painting as you add carefully placed highlights and opaque paint to add subtle changes to color and light.

"Love the format of the class. Being able to attend at my convenience (time and location) is great. Micah, hope you'll come up with some more classes!"
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Brandon, MB

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