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Modern Mosaic Cakes

with Allison Kelleher
Modern Mosaic Cakes
Achieve elegant lines and dramatic color for artful designs that will leave clients spellbound. Decorate using Allison's innovative piecing and accessible painting techniques.

Discover inspiring new decorating techniques as you create four modern designs with cake artist Allison Kelleher. Create captivating patterns of multicolored fondant triangles and learn to overpaint the pieces for an even more vibrant look. Achieve exquisitely soft tints with watercolor painting methods and arrange triangles into an amazing variety of patterns. Bring movement and cohesion to your designs as you blend beautiful colors seamlessly using a drip-motif painting technique. You'll even learn to piece patterns with an organic, collage-like look. Plus, use wafer paper to add texture to your work. Transform inspiration into contemporary cakes with gallery-worthy style.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Color Block Cake, Part One

  • Meet your instructor, cake decorator and artist Allison Kelleher, as she introduces you to the four art-inspired cakes youíll make in this class. Then, get started creating the fondant triangles that are the base of all of your mosaic cakes. Allison shares her technique for creating smooth cutouts that keep their shape.


Lesson 2. Color Block Cake, Part Two

  • Explore the artistic possibilities that open up to you as Allison demonstrates the benefits of painting your tiles with liquefied petal dust. Deepen colors and create new ones as you layer on color and texture. Then, learn how to apply your tiles to create this free-form mosaic pattern, where no choice is wrong and you can easily change your mind. Finally, learn how to disguise the seam when you reach the back of the cake as you create custom tiles that lend a polished finish.


Lesson 3. Vintage Star Cake

  • Find inspiration in textiles, especially pieced quilts, as Allison shows you how to recreate quilting motifs in fondant triangles! Discover the limitless number of patterns and motifs you can create just from rearranging your tiles. Then, Allison shares her technique for adding a multilayered watercolor effect onto your pieces. Add a bit of gold leaf for texture and then get tips for assembling your design, whether itís as a single motif or a pattern that repeats around the entire cake.


Lesson 4. Zigzag Drip Motif Cake

  • Take your hand painting deeper into artistic expression as you blend colors from one to the next in this soft and modern design. Start with the watercolor technique as you lay out all of your tiles and paint them as a group. Once your pieces are dry, add dusted highlights to each tile and then apply them to your cake in this vertical zigzag design!


Lesson 5. Accent Sugar Rose

  • Soften your geometric cakes with a beautiful, stylized sugar rose. Using just two cutters (one for the petals and one for the calyx) create large, dramatic yet delicate gum paste flowers. Learn to thin, curve and attach petals to a premade center, add a calyx and manipulate the petals to add fullness and movement. Add highlights and shading to your creations with petal dust.


Lesson 6. Mixed Media Cake

  • Layer fondant with wafer-paper accents and paint with edible marker in this final, bold design. Inlay black fondant strips onto white fondant as you create striped triangles to use in this modern chevron cake. Darken your blacks and brighten your whites with a layer of paint for added texture and dimension. Accent with wafer paper and hand paint right on the cake to further define the chevron pattern.

"I love this class, the technique and the art involved!"
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