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Mixed Media Essentials: Color, Design & Texture

with Tracy Jacobs
Mixed Media Essentials: Color, Design & Texture
Combine simple techniques and fun materials to create three radiant works of art!

Discover the no-rules approach to creativity as artist Tracy Jacobs guides you through completing three mixed-media masterpieces. Start the class with a black and white composition, and explore pencil, pen and ink techniques to create bold textures. Find out how to mix stunning shades of a single hue as you progress to a  monochromatic work, and experiment with rubber stamps, paint washes and markers for eye-catching designs. Dive into basic color theory with your final project and learn how to select a captivating, cohesive color scheme. Play with stickers, stippling and collaging to complete your third composition with vibrant style. In just one class, you’ll finish three beautiful pieces you’ll be proud to hang in your home!

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Lesson 1. Achromatic, Part One

  • Meet your instructor, mixed media artist Tracy Jacobs, before diving into the first of three projects you’ll make in class. You’ll explore achromatic (black and white) techniques as Jones walks you through transfer methods and ways to play with value in pen and ink, graphite and more.


Lesson 2. Achromatic, Part Two

  • Continue to refine your achromatic piece with Tracy’s expert tips along the way. You’ll add chunky texture using basic household items, and really begin to experiment with mixed media as you add tracing paper, glue, crayons, acrylic paint and more. You’ll love the finished piece, which incorporates techniques ranging from stippling to wax resist!


Lesson 3. Monochromatic, Part One

  • Explore an entirely new take on your armchair scene as you start a monochromatic work. Tracy walks you through the most important considerations for working with a monochromatic palette as you lay in the chair, floor and wall. Then develop interesting patterns using contrasting values as you lay in Tracy's butterfly pattern, or any other design of your choosing.


Lesson 4. Monochromatic, Part Two

  • Put the finishing touches on your monochromatic scene as you learn how to troubleshoot tricky areas and infuse surprising, unconventional elements to your work. Your creativity will take flight as you introduce reductive and additive techniques, and play with artistic details that can be personalized to your liking.


Lesson 5. Full Color: The Chair

  • Explore the joys of working with color as you start the third and final piece in your triptych. Tracy offers tips on choosing a vibrant color scheme by introducing the basics of color theory in a fun, approachable way. Once you’ve chosen your hues, you’ll work on the chair and begin to pepper in a few special, bright details.


Lesson 6. Full Color: The Floor

  • If you’ve ever looked at a repeating pattern in a painting and wondered how to recreate it, this lesson is for you! Tracy walks you step-by-step through the process of creating a repeating circle pattern that adds a burst of fun to your work. Next, Tracy helps you hone your eyes to look for interesting patterns found in magazines, photos and other media that you’ll be able to use as a background.


Lesson 7. Full Color: The Wall

  • Embrace the joy of working with collage as you mix and match textures and hues to create a vibrant wall background. Tracy demonstrates ways to combine collage pieces with acrylic paint, colored pencil and more that create a surprisingly cohesive finished effect. Your imagination will be brimming with creative ideas as you set out to use these mixed media techniques on any project you can dream up!

"Really enjoying this course so far. Teacher runs the course at the right speed for me. I've learned about quite a few new art products, and some not so new (...) Also some new techniques. Looking forward to part two."
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