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Mini-Cakes, Many Occasions

with Rachael Teufel
Mini-Cakes, Many Occasions
Amaze your clients with an array of customized mini-cakes too sweet to pass up. Make adorable petits fours, tiny three-tiered treats, dainty handbags and more.

Whether you're creating a classy complement or a trendy alternative to a full-size cake design, do it with style and confidence alongside award-winning cake pro Rachael Teufel. Increase your efficiency as you learn to tort, fill, ice and cut multiple mini-cakes at once. Make darling petits fours and present them perfectly. Create a simple yet elegant single-tiered mini-cake wrapped in textured modeling chocolate. Master chocolate transfer sheets and easily add detailed patterns to a three-tiered mini-cake that's an adorable addition to weddings, showers, birthdays and more. Plus, Rachael will guide you through making and embellishing four chic styles of mini handbag cakes! Offer irresistible mini-cakes customized for any celebration.

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Lesson 1. Working With Sheet Cakes

  • Meet your instructor, Rachael Teufel, as she reviews the techniques that will be the basis for building your mini-cakes: leveling, torting, filling and using cutters to create your mini-tiers! Discover how you can work with the recipes and icings you already love and use tools you already own to create professional-looking cakes!


Lesson 2. Petits Fours

  • Master the traditional French confection, the petit four, as you learn how to get clean, straight edges using a cutter, ruler or even a template! Then Rachel shows you three different ways to enrobe your bite-sized cakes with different materials, ranging from traditional poured fondant to melted chocolate. Finish the lesson with advice on how to present and price your tiny treats.


Lesson 3. Single-Tier Mini-Cake

  • Crumb coating a 3-inch round cake is a lot harder than a traditional round tier! Luckily, Rachael is here to walk you through the process step by step, showing you the best way to secure your cake and get that smooth buttercream finish. Discover the versatility and ease of working with modeling chocolate and use everyday objects to create impressions and texture. Finally, wrap your mini-tier in modeling chocolate as you learn to get crisp edges, make clean cuts and hide the seams.


Lesson 4. Chocolate Transfer Sheets, Part One

  • Take your decorating to a new level as you discover how to add patterns to your tiers using chocolate transfer sheets! Rachael demonstrates how to transfer amazing designs from pre-made sheets onto a cake using poured chocolate before wrapping the design around a mini-cake tier.


Lesson 5. Chocolate Transfer Sheets, Part Two

  • Rachael walks you through three more techniques for using chocolate transfer sheets and heating them with household appliances. You’ll be sure to find the perfect method for you, whether you’re a professional or home-based decorator!


Lesson 6. Three-Tier Mini-Cake

  • Whatever occasion you’re decorating for, the three-tier mini-cake is sure to be a hit at weddings, showers and birthday parties. These come together quickly and make big statements in miniature! Learn how to cover individual tiers with fondant and when to dowel, in addition to discovering a variety of decorating possibilities. Finally, Rachael gives you guidance on what to charge for these tiny show-stoppers!


Lesson 7. No-Sculpt Mini-Purses

  • Finish your mini-cake adventure with Rachael’s adorable no-sculpt purse cakes! You won’t believe how easily they come together as you use one of the three templates included in your class materials to wrap and fold fondant around a piece of cake. Embellish your purses using any or all of the techniques you’ve learned in previous lessons!

"I thoroughly enjoyed this class. The techniques shown were really good. ... Can't wait to make my own bags and purses."
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