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Mastering Australian Stringwork

with Mark Seaman
Mastering Australian Stringwork
Extend your piping skills as you master one of cake decorating’s most demanding but impressive techniques.

Build a bridge from design to delight as you add Australian stringwork to your cake-decorating repertoire. Clients and friends alike will marvel at your perfect bridgeless extensions as royal icing appears to float right off the cake. Award-winning cake artist Mark Seaman guides you through the process from conception to completion, teaching you flawless technique and tips of the trade along the way. You’ll love Mark’s step-by-step approach to designing and applying intricate Australian stringwork to cakes of any size. 

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Australian Stringwork

  • Meet your instructor, Mark Seaman, and learn how to make royal icing appropriate for Australian stringwork. Mark will teach you how to make the perfect consistency for piping through tiny tips.


Lesson 2. Making & Applying a Template

  • Making a proper-fitting template is paramount to successful stringwork. Learn what goes into measuring, cutting, dividing and attaching a template to a cake, whether for production or competition.


Lesson 3. Building Bridges

  • Learn to build and attach a bridge to give your strings a base. Whether making a bridge from piped royal icing or gum paste, Mark gives you expert tips and points out potential pitfalls along the way.


Lesson 4. Piping Standard Strings

  • Settle in with your piping bag as Mark guides you through the do’s and don’ts of piping your first strings. Learn the proper technique and how to fix mistakes. And don’t forget to breathe!


Lesson 5. Piping Bridgeless Extensions

  • Take your Australian stringwork to a new level with beautiful bridgeless extensions. Learn to set up support pins and pipe arches before turning your attention to the strings. Then learn how to remove the pins and cover up their footprints.


Lesson 6. Embellishing Your Design

  • Want your stringwork to go from astounding to jaw-dropping spectacular? Add hail spots or lace points.


Lesson 7. Selling Your Strings

  • Australian stringwork is rewarding but incredibly time consuming. Learn how to balance your clients’ wishes with their budget and how to deliver your work of delicate art intact to its recipient.

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