Machine Quilting Wholecloth Quilts

with Cindy Needham

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Wholecloth quilts are a stitched symphony of fabric, motifs, texture and embellishments. Showcase your quilting as you design and create your own wholecloth treasure. Read More…

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Class Description

Create your own exquisite, one-of-a-kind wholecloth quilts with award-winning instructor Cindy Needham. From choosing and preparing a decorative vintage linen or conventional cotton, to auditioning threads, basting and beyond, Cindy will be your expert guide. Learn to mark and stitch both striking medallion designs and flowing all-over designs. Find out how prints from your backing fabric can inspire the motifs you quilt on top. Bring texture and dimension to negative space with fillers like cathedral windows, special feathers and more. Then, learn to lay out borders, block your quilt and square it up. Cindy will also provide tips for using cutwork, bridgework, lace edgings and beading to make your quilt even more elegant.

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Machine Quilting Wholecloth Quilts

Lesson Plan

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Lesson 1. Fabric Selection

  • Meet your instructor, Cindy Needham, as she leads discussions on wholecloth quilts, fabric selection and incorporating vintage linens into your work.


Lesson 2. Preparing Your Wholecloth Quilt

  • Learn how to mark motifs on your cloth, whether using a template or a light table, and how to baste the cloth to the batting and backing.


Lesson 3. Medallion & Border Designs

  • Discover techniques for designing and using a medallion template, adding borders and tips for using a heavy thread to add design detail and to cover traveling threads.


Lesson 4. All-Over Designs

  • Use templates to create all-over designs, or common shapes — squares, triangles, circles and more — to define areas on a cloth and create a modern feel.


Lesson 5. Fillers & Feathers

  • Cindy shares some of her favorite fillers: repetitive lines, cathedral windows, clamshells and feathers as well as some creative variations on each.


Lesson 6. Blocking

  • Blocking is essential when working with a wholecloth quilt. Learn to pin like a pro and square up your quilt in no time.


Lesson 7. Special Techniques

  • Cindy shares numerous examples of incorporating vintage napkins, place mats, lace and crochet into wholecloth quilts as well as how to create a one-of-a-kind hanging sleeve and how to add beads to your masterpiece.

Praise for Cindy Needham's Design It, Quilt It:

"Cindy is an excellent instructor and covers a lot of important material in this class. Her quilts are an inspiration and she is very encouraging to quilters of all levels. I feel that my quilting has definitely improved and friends and family also have noticed my increased confidence with free motion. I highly recommend this class!"
- Emafish
New York, NY

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Student Projects

Wholecloth Quilt by Cindy Needham
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