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Machine Embroidered Lace Classics

with Hope Yoder
Machine Embroidered Lace Classics
Combine modern techniques with the classic look of lace to create timeless embroidery!

Explore the enchanting possibilities of lace embroidery with designer Hope Yoder as your guide! Find out how to select a blank that will hold up to intricate stitching, and learn Hope’s tricks for aligning designs and hooping tricky corners. Use easy merging techniques to transform a corner design into a lovely medallion motif –– whether you prefer re-hooping with templates or software strategies, you’ll discover a method you love! Perfectly pair decorative stitches with embroidery designs to create a stunning effect, and conquer tricky knits as you stabilize and stitch a romantic, lace-embroidered sweater. Finally, use in-the-hoop shadow work to beautifully adorn a blouse –– then set it off with a stunning Australian windowpane technique.

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Lesson 1. Embroidered Napkin

  • Meet author, designer and heirloom sewing instructor Hope Yoder as you dive into this engaging and fun exploration of classic lace designs! You’ll start your first project – a dinner napkin with an elegant corner design – as Hope helps you identify the type of weave in your fabric, hoop a challenging corner placement and even add an optional monogram.


Lesson 2. Table Topper

  • Create a stunning table topper with a continuation of the design you used in the first lesson. Hope shares step-by-step demonstrations for picking the best blank, stabilizer and thread for your project and shows you how to use the templates provided in class with ease. Finally, you’ll learn multiple ways to align and hoop the design on any machine, including digital and manual methods.


Lesson 3. Table Topper: Decorative Stitching

  • Discover efficient ways to mark placement lines, choose your favorite decorative stitches, and combine stitches to create a gorgeous custom design on your machine. The stitch variations are nearly endless, and Hope shows you how to easily translate your favorites from your imagination into your machine. You’ll finish by using your custom design to tie the corner and medallion designs together, creating a cohesive piece.


Lesson 4. Embroidering Sweaters

  • Move from home decor into garment embellishment as Hope shows you a darling knit sweater project. Take the fear factor out of working with knits as you learn how to choose a sweater, stabilize the fabric and use specialty toppers to ensure that your stitches won’t get lost in the fabric. You’ll love Hope’s tips for using interfacing instead of stabilizer as you create a sweater that’s soft and drapey inside and out.


Lesson 5. Lace Shaping

  • Add a dainty freeform lace bow to your sweater for an elegant feminine touch! Hope shows you how to prepare your sweater and lace to protect the fragile fabric from damage, and shares tips for making a beautiful bow with neat miters using lace-shaping techniques. Finally, you’ll stitch the lace in place to secure it.


Lesson 6. Shadow-Work Lace

  • Follow along as Hope works on a lovely shadow-work blouse with darling windowpane sleeves. Using a blank, you’ll see how to transform a lace-edged handkerchief into a beautifully embroidered overlay that you can apply to any pattern of your choosing. You’ll also learn how to make your design more delicate by simply using different thread weights.


Lesson 7. Windowpane Embroidery

  • Use the block method to alter a pattern piece before stitching your design and cutting it to its final dimensions. You’ll also highlight your shadow-work lace with a lovely Australian windowpane technique. You’ll love using your embroidery machine to stitch a perfect oval that frames your embroidery.

"Love love love this class! Hope has great tips and tricks and is fun to watch! Highly recommend this for anyone who wants professional looking embroidery."
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