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Love Your Vegetables

Best Methods, Flavorful Techniques

with Anna Bullett
Love Your Vegetables
Put fresh, delicious vegetables at the center of your plate as you create crowd-pleasing dishes that are anything but garden-variety!

Transform nutritious vegetables into crave-worthy meals your family will love with essential techniques for cooking seasonal vegetables year-round. Cooking Light executive chef Anna Bullett will share her expert tips for cutting and roasting winter squash with ease, incorporating hearty greens such as kale into mouthwatering pastas and even caramelizing Brussels sprouts and pairing them with crispy pancetta for a dish that will please your pickiest eater. Enjoy more than 20 recipes included with this class, from a tomato ricotta tart to grilled eggplant sandwiches with creamy aioli. Plus, get a bonus lesson on refrigerator pickling and preserve your favorite vegetables at the peak of their season.

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Lesson 1. Getting Started With Winter Squash

  • Meet Anna Bullett, executive chef of Cooking Light, and dive into your class with a recipe for a puréed winter squash soup and goat cheese on toast. Anna shares how to use every bit of winter squash by toasting the seeds and puréeing the extra to use for baby food or future recipes.


Lesson 2. Root Vegetables

  • Make root vegetables the star of your meal by roasting them. Anna discusses vegetable options and shows how to cut them for uniform roasting. She shares options for using root vegetables in salads and more.


Lesson 3. Hearty Greens

  • Hearty greens such as Swiss chard, kale and beet tops can be the centerpiece of a colorful and flavorful meal. Anna shares tips for washing, prepping and storing such greens, then walks you through a a recipe for orecchiette pasta with lacinato kale and sun-dried tomatoes, perfect for a weeknight dinner. If you have greens left over, try making crunchy kale chips!


Lesson 4. Cabbage & Friends

  • Vegetables in the cabbage family have a delightful crunch and lots of vitamins! If you think you don't like cabbage or Brussels sprouts, you'll reconsider when you've tried sautéed romanesco (it's so pretty, too!) or roasted Brussels sprouts with pancetta.


Lesson 5. Peppers & Eggplant

  • Roasted and grilled vine vegetables add color and intriguing flavor to any meal. Anna shares her technique for roasting red peppers to add to sandwiches or salads. Try her grilled eggplant sandwich with sweet onions and a quick aioli to please a crowd!


Lesson 6. Tomatoes

  • What can be finer than a summer tomato straight from the vine? Make the most of heirloom varieties by showcasing them in a rustic tart. Anna demonstrates how to make the toasted pine-nut crust and fill it with a layer of herbed ricotta cheese before covering the tart with a rainbow of tomato slices. Make it for brunch or a potluck – everyone will want the recipe!


Lesson 7. Beans

  • Expand your green bean horizons and capture the flavor of springtime with glorious favas. While preparing them might seem labor-intensive, they're well worth the effort! Feature favas in a spelt salad with a balsamic vinaigrette, or try making an easy edamame hummus for a green and healthy snack!


Lesson 8. Quick Pickling

  • With summer's end, the garden's bounty might seem overwhelming. Refrigerator pickles are a great way to extend your enjoyment of cucumbers, carrots, onions and more! Anna shares a recipe for spicy pickled vegetables to store or share, and a quick, easy way to make crunchy and delicious cucumber pickles.

"I am LOVING this class. I grew up eating canned veggies and now use steam bags in my microwave (so superior to canned, right?) because I never learned how to prep or cook fresh foods. Anna is not only beautiful, she's also energetic, happy, and informative. It is a joy to watch her, and the material is FABULOUS. I am learning to work with things I have never even heard of, and new ways to work with things I have eaten all my life.. and all of it is healthy, fun, and easy to do. I would recommend this class to ANYONE, even if you're a pro in the kitchen and just want to explore some new ways to trick your kids into eating healthier."
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