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Linear Landscape Quilts

with Gloria Loughman
Linear Landscape Quilts
Create stunning landscape art quilts with Gloria Loughman that will evoke the natural beauty of the outdoors. Learn techniques on how to create a template and assemble your own breathtaking scene.

Let Gloria teach you how to create scenic quilts that reflect your favorite landscapes. From stunning hand-painted sunsets to trees formed from batik fabrics, these quilts are fun and easy to assemble with Gloria's step-by-step techniques. You will learn how to create perspective using color and contour lines, create and cut templates for your various sections, and sew it all together for art quilts that evoke natural beauty.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Meet Gloria Loughman

  • Meet Gloria and get started by finding design inspiration. You'll also learn about the visual impact lines can have and various design elements.


Lesson 2. Creating the Pattern

  • Get started creating your pattern with Gloria's expert help. Break the patten into sections before adding contours, tracing the pattern and then making the vinyl template.


Lesson 3. Choosing a Color Scheme

  • Learn about monochromatic, complementary and analogous color schemes. Gloria also shares her knowledge of grayscale to help you make informed design decisions.


Lesson 4. Choosing Fabrics

  • Choose your fabrics wisely with Gloria's helpful tips. You'll learn about selecting fabric for the sky, background hills, water and embellishments.


Lesson 5. Painting Fabrics

  • Gloria's detailed instruction will help you paint your landscape's various features. Learn how to best depict the sky, a sunset and water on fabric.


Lesson 6. Preparing Segments

  • Learn to apply steam-a-steam, position your fabric on the template and prepare your quilt's segments with step-by-step guidance from Gloria.


Lesson 7. Constructing Segments

  • Choose, stabilize and stitch your base fabrics. Then prepare and stitch the contours!


Lesson 8. Building the Landscape

  • Create the quilt sandwich and position the vinyl template before attaching the sky, hill and embellishment pieces. Gloria helps you build your landscape from the base up!


Lesson 9. Finishing the Quilt

  • You'll finish your quilt with Gloria's help by adding the tree and facings. Then you can take a step back, take a photo and ask Gloria and your classmates for their critiques of your landscape!

"I found this class to be very well presented, clear and easy to follow, and the resulting project is lovely. Gloria is a supremely gifted artist and teacher. I re-played several lessons while working on the quilt, which helped me solidify my understanding of the techniques used. The classes felt just right for me - very organized and sequenced."
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