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Learning the Lambeth Method

with Wendy Kromer
Learning the Lambeth Method
Become part of a long-standing decorating tradition and learn the storied Lambeth Method.

The Lambeth Method brings unmatched intricacy and depth to cake designs through layers of elegant over-piping. Reach new heights in your piping repertoire by adding these traditional techniques that are now back on trend. Join master decorator Wendy Kromer and learn everything you need to create your own Lambeth-style cake designs. Using three modern projects, Wendy will teach you to pipe 12 Lambeth border constructions: pearl, serrated, crescent, lattice and so much more. You'll even get Wendy's professional advice for designing, pricing and transporting your own Lambeth-style cakes. Don't miss your chance to add this rare and remarkable technique to your skill set.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Royal Icing & Embellishments

  • Meet your instructor, Wendy Kromer, and learn her recipe for royal icing before piping a few simple embellishments.


Lesson 2. Basic Components

  • Review the keystones of the Lambeth technique: pearls, bulbs, drop string, shells, scrolls and more to prepare for your over-piping adventure.


Lesson 3. Mini Cake Designs

  • Pipe a double-bead border at the base before creating a serrated border at the top. Layer on shells, fleurs-de-lis, drop strings and ruffles.


Lesson 4. Beveling a Cake Board

  • Learn how to build and bevel the edge of a cake board to add timeless elegance to your cakes.


Lesson 5. Tall Beveled Cake Designs

  • Pipe onto an extra-tall tier as you learn to add crescent and double-petal borders, delicate lattice work and layers of luscious over-piping.


Lesson 6. Beveled Cake Board Design

  • Wendy shares her techniques for creating over-piped inverted shells with a scroll border on an elevated, beveled cake board.


Lesson 7. Top Tier Designs

  • Create a beautiful three-shell topper and learn how to combine stars, scrolls and leaves to create a stunning border as well as a tightly wrapped S-scroll side design.


Lesson 8. Bottom Tier Designs

  • Finish your two-tier masterpiece as Wendy demonstrates bulb and alternating S-scroll borders as well as a vertical shell with a trellis swag.


Lesson 9. Designing a Lambeth Cake

  • From first sketch to final delivery, Wendy offers tips for inspiration, transporting, timing and pricing.

"I know there are many people in the cake world who might dismiss this as old-school cake decorating that has no place in today's world. Fashion is so cyclical though – it's only a matter of time before what is now old-school is trendy once again. Wendy is a natural teacher, I think. She is easy to follow, explains everything well and in detail and the class is well-filmed. At no time did I feel like I couldn't properly see what she was doing. I will definitely be practicing what I've learnt here and I plan to 'sneak' some Lambeth elements into my work in the near future."
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