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Lace Knitting: Basics and Beyond

with Eunny Jang
Lace Knitting: Basics and Beyond
Learn to knit any lace pattern. Demystify lace knitting as you turn exclusive patterns into graceful, gorgeous accessories.

Fall in love with lace alongside knitter extraordinaire Eunny Jang. Learn to breeze through charts, and discover the best cast-ons and bind-offs for lace. Starting with simple mesh fabric swatches, you'll progress to the alluring Arrow Scarflette and beyond. Along the way, discover valuable troubleshooting skills and develop the ability to read your own work and prevent mistakes before they happen. As Eunny expertly guides you through more intricate swatches, you'll easily conquer double decreases, double yarn overs, knitted edgings and the "no stitch" symbol. Put these skills to use creating Eunny's exclusive, included Ocean Scarf as your final project. Plus, learn to turn any lace stitch into a scarf!

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Lace Basics

  • Meet Eunny and see how complex lace stitches are related to simpler stitches. By the end of the class, youíll be ready to tackle any lace stitch.


Lesson 2. The Lace Technique Toolkit

  • Put together your own toolkit of stitches, from simple increases and decreases to cast-ons and bind-offs. Leave this lesson with a sense of how to create any basic lace.


Lesson 3. Simple Lace Fabrics

  • Create mesh fabric using right- and left-leaning decreases and then practice those techniques to knit the Arrow Scarflette.


Lesson 4. Vertical Laces

  • Advance your skills as you learn three vertical lace patterns: Arrowhead, Razor Shell and Horseshoe.


Lesson 5. Offset Laces

  • Explore Fir Cone, one of the best-known lace patterns, as you master working offset laces.


Lesson 6. Elaborations on Lace Patterns

  • Two more lace patterns are introduced, as you build upon offset laces and add shifting edges.


Lesson 7. Complex Laces & Edges

  • Tackle asymmetrical patterns and discover knit-on edgings and patterning both sides of your lace.


Lesson 8. Troubleshooting

  • Learn to recognize, locate and fix troublesome stitches, whether in the previous row or several rows down.


Lesson 9. Finishing Tips

  • Itís time to knit the Ocean Scarf! Then learn to block it properly and weave in the ends as you create your lace masterpiece.

ďI was able to watch the class in the privacy of my own home and at my own pace. Thank you Craftsy for bringing online classes to our laps.Ē
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