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Know Your Wool

with Deborah Robson
Know Your Wool
Get the wool truth! This free mini-class with Deborah Robson gives you a nuanced understanding of different fibers and the best use for each type of wool.

Don't lose sleep over the characteristics of sheep; instead, get breed and fiber knowledge you can count on in Know Your Wool. In this free mini-class Deborah, co-author of the Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook, will help you develop a nuanced understanding of different types of wool. She'll also share her secrets to effective swatching and tips on tracking down breed-specific yarns. The educational experience isn't confined to the classroom; you'll tag along with Deborah as she explores a wool market, meeting shepherds, vendors and sheep along the way.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Welcome to Your FREE Mini-Class!

  • Welcome to your free Craftsy class.


Lesson 2. Introduction

  • Learn the difference between four types of wools: fine, medium, long and double-coated wools with expert instruction from Deb.


Lesson 3. At the Wool Market

  • Baaah! Deb visits a wool markett and shows you around. You'll learn to look at wool in each stage of the process - from un-sheared sheep to finished yarns.


Lesson 4. Sourcing Wool

  • Find breed-specific yarn with Deb's help and hints. You'll know where to go to source you'll wool after taking this lesson.


Lesson 5. Swatching

  • See what a difference the wool makes when it comes to swatching. Then learn to read your swatch before moving onto pattens and projects!


Lesson 6. Using Your Wool

  • Shave it, spin it, knit it, wear it. Now that you know the differences between wools, how should you use each kind?

"I really enjoyed this class and learned so much! I feel like I am off on a new adventure after many years of knitting."
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