Knit to Flatter

with Amy Herzog

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Make every sweater you knit your new favorite! Author and designer Amy Herzog shows you how to fashion knitwear thatís perfect for your body. Read More…

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Class Description

Whatever your body type, the perfect sweater is out there, waiting to be knitted. With guidance from Amy — author of the acclaimed “Fit to Flatter” blog and book, “Knit to Flatter” — you will determine your body shape and gain the confidence to dress it in the most flattering way. She will explain how necklines, hems and sleeves alter your appearance and share with you the best designs for your body type. She’ll also show you “what not to wear.” Once you understand what sweater designs look best, you’ll learn how to take measurements and calculate for fit and ease. As Amy says, “You are beautiful. Your body is perfect.” Shouldn’t your hand-knit sweaters be, too?

Photo credit: Karen Pearson, "Knit to Flatter" (STC Craft, 2013)

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Knit to Flatter
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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Meet Amy Herzog

  • Meet Amy, learn about standardized measurements and start understanding sweater modifications.


Lesson 2. Body Shape

  • Find your body shape and silhouette, take reference photos and analyze your proportions.


Lesson 3. The Visual Impact of Clothing

  • Learn about the visual impact of clothing elements and find flattering necklines and hemlines for your body.


Lesson 4. Flattering Recommendations

  • Match flattering fits and styles with different body types.


Lesson 5. Your Next Favorite Sweater

  • Structure, knit and shape your next favorite sweater for a flattering fit.


Lesson 6. Measure, Measure, Measure

  • Take the right measurements for your body.


Lesson 7. Size, Fit, Ease

  • Learn about all types of ease - hip, bust, waist, torso and sleeve - to get the perfect fit.


Lesson 8. Shaping & Modifications

  • Modify the hip circumference, waist shape, body length, sleeves and neckline on any simple pattern.


Lesson 9. Darts & Frankensweaters

  • Learn how to calculate and use darts and anchor points for a better fit.


Lesson 10. Perfect Sweater Checklist

  • Convert and modify your pattern for any desired fit or style.

"I learned so much and feel new confidence in understanding how to better fit my sweaters. Amy is a great teacher. The class is organized well and flows smoothly from topic to topic. She communicates the material clearly with a style that made it interesting every minute. This class was absolutely worth my time and money."
- Nojgenny

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