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Kiln-Fired Silver Metal Clay

with Cindy Pankopf
Kiln-Fired Silver Metal Clay
Learn to shape, fire and finish silver metal clay into ornate, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, including earrings, pendants and beads.

Get fired up with certified silver clay master Cindy Pankopf, author of The Absolute Beginners Guide: Making Metal Clay Jewelry. Learn to make silver metal clay into ornate, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces using advanced techniques like stone setting and glass application. Once Cindy teaches you to sculpt cork clay bases and carve polymer texture stamps, your jewelry design will be limited only by your imagination. Forge ahead!

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet Cindy and go over what you'll learn about clay and how to use the Craftsy platform. Discuss kilns and clay types with Cindy and your classmates on the platform.


Lesson 2. Setting Up Your Workspace

  • An appropriate workspace is key to project success and safety. Learn about the firing process, kilns, tools and all the basics of the metal clay itself.


Lesson 3. Foundation Skills

  • Build your foundation skills with Cindy's step-by-step guidance. You'll learn to store and reclaim your clay, as well as fire it up!


Lesson 4. Stone Setting Sampler

  • Tackle your first project by setting a stone! Cindy shows you how to consider your stone choices, use acrylic stamps and prep for your stone setting.


Lesson 5. Kiln Firing Stone Setting Sampler

  • Learn how to kiln fire your stone sampler and ensure a great finish. Cindy will demonstrate different settings and patinas.


Lesson 6. Entwined Pendant

  • Make a beautiful pendant with silver clay and glass. Cindy guides you through practicing snake formations and carving vines!


Lesson 7. Kiln Firing Entwined Pendant

  • Cindy will walk you through kiln firing your beautiful entwined pendant.


Lesson 8. Working with Cork Clay

  • Learn about cork clay and the joys of working in this novel medium. Cindy's tips and techniques are sure to spark your creativity.


Lesson 9. Carving Custom Textures

  • What is polymer clay? When should you use polymer clay? Cindy answers these questions and more to get your project underway with polymer clay!


Lesson 10. A Bead of Your Own

  • Learn to make hollow beads with Cindy's step-by-step instruction. Once you begin firing beads, the jewelry possibilities are endless.


Lesson 11. Kiln Firing a Bead of Your Own

  • Learn the best practices for firing your beads in the kiln. Cindy takes you step by step through this intricate and invigorating process.


Lesson 12. Bonus - Patinas

  • Learn how to create a rainbow patina, a spot patina and a reverse gel patina. You can also avoid unwanted patina's with Cindy's expert advice.


Lesson 13. Bonus - Troubleshooting

  • Learn what to do when your greenware (unfired clay) breaks and how to repair post-firing breaks.

"I can't say enough about Cindy's teaching style. She really made me feel like I was there with her. Very warm and encouraging. She answered every question I asked very thoroughly and in a timely matter. I learned so many tips and new skills from this class. There are class sections I have watched many times. So it was nice to be able to access lessons whenever I like. I would recommend this class for students at any level."
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