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Intarsia: Basics & Beyond

with Sally Melville
Intarsia: Basics & Beyond
Knit custom colorwork with images you adore for impressive results that are unmistakably yours. Learn intarsia to bring meaningful images to life on garments and more.

Simplify intarsia and succeed at this amazing form of colorwork with knitwear designer and teacher Sally Melville as your guide. With Sally's tips, you'll keep your yarn untangled, your tails under control and your stitches looking lovely. Learn to create basic intarsia color crosses, secure floats and weave in ends for beautiful, bulk-free projects. Then, Sally will help you make intarsia easier and more visually interesting by combining it with other techniques. You'll also discover the nuances of different types of intarsia patterns, so you can choose which ones are right for you. Sally will even guide you through turning your favorite images into original, knittable intarsia patterns. Discover intarsia to bring an inspired touch of individuality to your wardrobe!

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet your instructor, Sally Melville, and learn more about the intarsia techniques covered as well as the argyle pillow pattern that comes with your class.


Lesson 2. Managing the Challenges of Intarsia

  • Sally goes over some of the challenges particular to this style of knitting, including keeping track of your place on charts, managing your yarn and weaving in tails.


Lesson 3. Creating the Basic Color Cross

  • Get started knitting with a simple swatch that incorporates the basic color cross that is integral to intarsia. You'll knit along with Sally step by step!


Lesson 4. Using Intarsia With Other Knitting Techniques

  • Intarsia plays well with other knitting techniques, allowing you to mix and match looks! Sally discusses how to carry your colors with combining intarsia with Fair Isle, different stitch types and duplicate stitch.


Lesson 5. Choosing Your Intarsia Pattern

  • Using lots of colors means lots of balls of yarn to wrangle. Sally gives you some techniques for preventing a tangled mess.


Lesson 6. Creating Your Own Intarsia Art

  • Inspiration is everywhere! Once you've mastered intarsia knitting, you can create your own designs based on whatever delights you, whether it's your children's artwork, a magazine spread or an abundant garden.


Lesson 7. Knitter's Graph Paper

  • With the help of knitter's graph paper provided with your class, you'll be able to map out a chart and turn your dream designs into reality. Sally shows you how!

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