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Improvisational Piecing, Modern Design

with Jacquie Gering
Improvisational Piecing, Modern Design
Quilt outside the box and create imaginative blocks that look a lot harder than they really are, with the modern design sensibility of Jacquie Gering.

In bold prints, bright solids and neutrals with impact, Jacquie's designs will push you to experiment and improvise. While her aesthetic is bold and modern, Jacquie's block construction techniques - and her ability to be improvisational and precise at the same time - will add new tricks to the tool kit of even the most experienced quilter. You'll learn stitch-and-flip triangles, the slice-and-insert technique and a modern twist on crazy piecing. And Jacquie's joy in creating fabric art will teach you to "savor every stitch as you sew," just as she does.


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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Meet Jacquie Gering

  • Meet Jacquie Gering, co-author of "Quilting Modern: Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts."


Lesson 2. The Stitch & Flip Technique

  • Stitch and flip triangles take a basic geometric design and give it motion and lots of design possibilities. Jacquie demonstrates the technique and variations.


Lesson 3. Love Knots Quilt

  • The Love Knots quilt features stitch-and-flip triangles in action! Watch Jacquie create this scrappy quilt with single and double blocks.


Lesson 4. Swirling Stars

  • Swirling Stars is another stitch-and-flip quilt, using rectangles to create a space-age look. Jacquie explains how value becomes important when choosing fabrics for these designs.


Lesson 5. Slice/Insert Improvisation Technique

  • Slice-and-insert puts an improvisational spin on slashed blocks. You'll be amazed at the intricate designs you can create with this method.


Lesson 6. The Unparalleled Quilt

  • The Unparalleled quilt, which uses the slice-and-insert method, was inspired by a modern sculpture. It's Jacquie's favorite quilt and deceptively simple!


Lesson 7. Crosscut Quilt

  • Crosscut is another quilt design that looks a lot harder than it is, thanks to the slice-and-insert method.


Lesson 8. Crazy Piecing

  • Modern crazy piecing honors the Victorian art form but leaves you lots of room to improvise and experiment. Grab a bunch of different fabrics and start cutting!


Lesson 9. To the Point Quilt

  • Turn your crazy-pieced, monochromatic fabric into a bold and beautiful design in the To The Point quilt.

"This course is so much more than just three techniques and five quilts. The core message isn't in tweaking slightly Jacquie's lovely patterns ('to make them our own'), but in challenging the students to step outside of the comfort zone, cut boldly, risk increasing the scrap basket a bit, and improvise on our own. She gives us the surprisingly easy techniques and the warm, friendly support, but if we find our own paths remains to be seen; there is potential for excellence. Thank you Jacquie!"
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Helsinki, Finland

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