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Improve Your Crochet

Essential Techniques

with Edie Eckman
Improve Your Crochet
Stitch your way to better crochet! Develop a better understanding of patterns, measure gauge and play with stitch construction for better results.

Join author and renowned instructor Edie Eckman as she shares techniques for improving the look and quality of your crochet. Begin by learning how to create and maintain control over your fabric and prevent a too-tight foundation chain. Then, get comfortable reading and following patterns and find out how to decipher pattern speak! Confidently measure gauge in stitches, rows, stitch patterns and in the round, and learn how it helps you achieve stunning results. Then, find out how to pick up stitches evenly and work with decorative borders while keeping edges flat — even around corners and curves! Finally, refine your work and explore finishing techniques for professional-looking crochet. Plus, get tips on joining new yarns, changing colors, weaving in ends and more. No matter how long you’ve been crocheting, you’re sure to pick up new tricks! 

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet your instructor, crochet designer Edie Eckman, as she introduces you to many of the techniques you’ll explore in this class and offers tips on how to maximize your learning experience.


Lesson 2. Creating a Fabric

  • Learn how hook and yarn choice determine the look and drape of crocheted fabric. Then, discover how to rid yourself of too-tight foundation chains forever as Edie demonstrates how to create a foundation single crochet row. Say goodbye to accidentally skipped or added stitches as Edie shows you two ways to work the turning chain in double crochet.


Lesson 3. Reading a Pattern

  • Gain confidence in pattern-reading as Edie explains the common punctuation found in written crochet patterns. Understand how fabric comes together, then take a dip into reading diagrams as Edie walks you through several examples. Crochet along with Edie as you make a lovely fantail swatch using just a crochet diagram.


Lesson 4. Pattern Problem Solving

  • Delve deeper into pattern-reading as you examine the subtle changes that can make a pattern more or less clear. Skip frustrating patterns and learn to identify clear ones as Edie shares her checklist for what makes a good pattern and the red flags that warn of a bad one. Then, gather Edie’s tips for keeping track of your place in a pattern — written or diagram —and learn her foolproof trick for keeping track of rounds while working in a spiral.


Lesson 5. Gauge

  • Explore the importance of gauge as you discover all of the factors that can affect your stitch size. Learn to crochet a helpful swatch so you can measure your gauge. Become confident in your ability to measure stitch gauge and row gauge whether you’re working flat, in the round or with lacy and textured patterns!


Lesson 6. Edgings

  • Add professional-quality edgings to give your pieces polish. Discover Edie’s easy methods for picking up stitches evenly — even when working with stitch multiples. Never deal with curled-up corners again as you learn how to follow a curve and turn corners without creating puckers. Finally, master the crab stitch, a great corded edge, as you crochet in reverse!


Lesson 7. Refinements

  • Tackle more advanced techniques as you learn a way to create fabric that is uniform on both the beginning and final edge. Stitch colorful granny squares with seamless color joins and add the standing double crochet stitch to your repertoire. Plus, control where your hook ends up when you are working motifs in the round, so you’ll always be in the perfect place to begin the next stitch


Lesson 8. Finishing

  • Create well-defined colorwork motifs as you learn the secret to crisp mid-row color changes. Discover the proper techniques for blocking both natural and acrylic fibers. And finally, learn Edie’s trick for weaving in ends so they never unravel!

Praise for Edie Eckman's Joining Crochet Motifs:
"Thoroughly enjoyed this class! I've been making simple granny squares a long time, but this class still had lots to teach me. In addition to the 11 or 12 joining techniques (many of which were new to me) I also improved in my chart reading, and invisible joins. Also learned a stitch "standing double crochet" which I really like the look of and will enjoy using more."
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