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How to Say It: Pattern Writing for Knitters

with Edie Eckman
How to Say It: Pattern Writing for Knitters
Edie Eckman teaches knitting designers how to write clear and correct patterns that editors and other knitters will love - and buy!

Learn the keys to communicating your one-of-a-kind knit designs. Author, teacher and technical editor Edie Eckman presents an insider's guide to clearly communicating knitting patterns to editors, publishers and fellow knitters. This class offers experienced knitters the opportunity to strengthen their pattern writing and reading skills, as well as increase their chances of successfully selling their designs.

Edie walks you through the basics of writing a knitting pattern - from articulating stitch repeats to understanding the impact sizing has on your creative choices - and provides you with essential pattern-writing tools, including her detailed templates and a meticulously crafted style guide. Her sample pattern, the pretty Acorn Cardigan, is included free!

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet Edie Eckman, who will teach you how to create knitting patterns that knitters and editors will love.


Lesson 2. Well-Rounded Designer

  • What makes a well-rounded pattern designer? Edie talks about the process of creating a pattern, including sketching, swatching and executing a test project.


Lesson 3. Know Your Techniques

  • To write an effective pattern, you must understand the language of knitting, including terminology, how to communicate via charts, and the basics of grading patterns for size.


Lesson 4. The Balancing Act

  • Great designers understand their stakeholders. What are your strengths? Where do you need help? Who are you writing for?


Lesson 5. Style Sheets

  • Learn the style sheets and industry style standards that are important to editors, including consistent abbreviations, word choice and formatting.


Lesson 6. The Pattern Template

  • Learn all the elements of a pattern template, from materials and gauge notes to finishing instructions and schematics.


Lesson 7. Writing Stitch Patterns

  • Working with Edie's own Acorn Stitch Sweater, you'll learn how to put stitch patterns on paper.


Lesson 8. Writing the Pattern: Part 1

  • Get started writing your sweater pattern. Edie covers armhole, neck and shoulder shaping instructions.


Lesson 9. Writing the Pattern: Part 2

  • Edie demonstrates the all-important process of finding and fixing mistakes as you write, and continues with the right front and sleeve directions.


Lesson 10. Writing the Pattern: Part 3

  • Put the finishing touches on your pattern: sleeve cap shaping, finishing, edging and buttonhole rows. Then you'll check your pattern for accuracy.


Lesson 11. Finishing Touches

  • Edie covers finishing your pattern the right way. Now you're ready to send your work out into the world!

"Although I've been an independent pattern writer/designer for many years, I always value suggestions and ideas for improvement. From this course, I have gained the confidence to move forward and write more patterns with multiple sizes. The course materials include several valuable tools for designers, where the Style Sheet and Pattern Template are the crown jewels. I would have paid a handsome sum for just access to these two documents when I was first starting to write my patterns! "
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