How to Make Gnocchi Like a Pro

with Gerri Sarnataro

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Master the authentic Italian techniques behind delicious, tender gnocchi, and learn five flavorful variations on the classic recipe - plus all the different ways to shape these delicious dumplings! Read More…

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Class Description

Discover the expert tips and techniques behind the traditional potato gnocchi of Northern Italy, as Chef Gerri Sarnataro guides you step-by-step to a five-star gnocchi dish! You’ll learn everything from selecting the right potato to cutting and shaping the dumplings for that light, fluffy texture you love, and you won’t stop there: Gerri will also teach you how to make a delectable spinach and ricotta gnudi, a semolina gnocchi and a rustic polenta gnocchi topped with a savory mushroom and sausage sauce. You’ll even learn how to prep, roast and caramelize butternut squash to create the perfect gnocchi dish for fall. Sign up and unlock the secrets behind one of Italy’s most treasured recipes!

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How to Make Gnocchi Like a Pro
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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. All About Gnocchi

  • Meet Gerri and get an overview of the skills and techniques you'll use to make an eclectic variety of delicious gnocchi dishes.


Lesson 2. Potato Gnocchi

  • Learn to make potato gnocchi as Gerri walks you through each step. You'll master this classic dish with her detailed instruction.


Lesson 3. Ricotta & Spinach Gnudi

  • Gerri shows you how to clean and sauté the spinach before expertly incorporating the ingredients and shaping the gnudi.


Lesson 4. Butternut Squash Gnocchi

  • Use this sumptuous squash to spice up your gnocchi and make a sage butter sauce.


Lesson 5. Gnocchi alla Romana

  • Learn all about semolina, cut out your gnocchi and create the traditional gnocchi alla romana with Gerri's guidance.


Lesson 6. Polenta Gnocchi

  • Mix up your gnocchi dishes with polenta, then add sausage and mushrooms for a new kind of treat!


Lesson 7. Bonus: Equipment & Ingredients

  • Gerri walks you through the nuances of the ingredients and equipment used to make gnocchi.

"I've made potato gnocchi before and they always fell apart or were hard as rocks so that I pretty much gave up on one of my favorite Italian dishes. Gerri made it so easy. I followed her potato gnocchi instructions exactly and they were terrific. I just wish my photo would do them justice. I have watched all lessons - had no idea that I could make gnocchi from squash! - and will try all of the recipes provided. The upbeat, nice Italian music certainly adds to the class, videos are well done, and Gerri's fun remarks (about quality control etc.) made me feel like I was in one room with her. Highly recommended!"
- Stoeffchen

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Gnocchi by Gerri Sarnataro
  • Photo of Gerri Sarnataro
  • by Gerri Sarnataro
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More Gnocchi Variations by Gerri Sarnataro
  • Photo of Gerri Sarnataro
  • by Gerri Sarnataro
  • More Gnocchi Variations
Gnocchi Variations  by Gerri Sarnataro
  • Photo of Gerri Sarnataro
  • by Gerri Sarnataro
  • Gnocchi Variations
Spinach Gnocchi by Mslee
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  • Spinach Gnocchi

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