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Homemade Salty Snacks

with Cynthia Nims
Homemade Salty Snacks
Make game day and movie night a big hit when you learn how to create an endless variety of savory bites customized with your favorite flavors!

Discover how fun it is to create delicious, creative snacks in your own kitchen! Cookbook author Cynthia Nims guides you through more than a dozen salty snacks, starting with tasty techniques for transforming popcorn and nuts with exotic seasonings. Dive into three irresistible versions of chips with a traditional potato chip recipe and other healthy varieties using kale, parsnips and carrots. Find out how to make crunchy, flavorful crackers from homemade dough, and create fresh pretzels in less than an hour. Finally, use puff pastry for elegant parmesan breadsticks and festive pesto pinwheels or make crunchy grissini, all sure to please at your next cocktail party. Plus, discover how to stock your pantry so you can whip up customizable DIY snacks whenever the craving strikes!

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Lesson 1. Popcorn & Nuts

  • Learn the secret to making perfectly crunchy popcorn and how to season it with nori and sesame or your favorite spices. Then turn your focus to roasting as you make nuts seasoned with garlic, smoked paprika and a dash of cayenne.


Lesson 2. Potato Chips & Other Vegetable Chips

  • The key to a perfect chip starts with choosing the right potato. Cynthia demonstrates how to get thin, even slices and shows you what to look for to achieve golden-brown, crispy chips every time. Learn how to make seasoned salts, carrot and parsnip chips and even baked kale chips.


Lesson 3. Homemade Crackers

  • Start with a simple cheddar and cornmeal cracker and work your way up to a yeasted saltine cracker as you learn how to roll out dough, make clean and even cuts and flavor your creations with numerous spices, seeds and other seasonings.


Lesson 4. Soft Pretzels

  • What makes a pretzel crusty on the outside and soft on the inside? It’s blanching the dough before baking. Cynthia walks you step by step through the process and also shares the secret ingredient she adds to her pretzels. It will be sure to ignite your taste buds and amaze your friends!


Lesson 5. Breadsticks

  • Learn how to form, flavor and season these wonderfully versatile snacks using store-bought puff pastry or a yeasted dough made from scratch. Sprinkle them with Parmesan cheese or infuse the dough with cracked black pepper. Then bake to crispy perfection.


Lesson 6. Stocking the Snack Lover's Pantry

  • Often it’s the salt or other seasonings that makes the snack. Cynthia leads an in-depth discussion on varieties of salts as well as some of the best herbs, spices and seeds to use when seasoning your snacks. She’ll also show you how to make pita and tortilla chips as well as marinated olives.

"This is a fun, lighthearted class, yielding tasty results with a minimum of fuss and expense. Lately I've been fooling around with cracker recipes, but I hadn't made any with yeasted dough. Who knew that four ingredients (plus the cook's topping choices) would produce such delicious, crunchy treats. Thanks to Cynthia for approachable demos and interesting flavor combinations. Can't wait to try popcorn with nori, never would have thought of it. And rolling the cracker dough with the pasta machine? Love it."
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