High-Fashion Heels

with Elisa Strauss

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Step up your cake skills with in-demand, fashion-forward sugar shoes. Create runway-ready heels with authentic designer details using valuable techniques and templates. Read More…

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Class Description

Create unbelievably realistic, custom sugar shoes with or without a kit. Join cake artist Elisa Strauss as she guides you step by step through making a strappy stiletto, a leopard-print peep toe and even a pointed mule. Make both high and low heels by hand or using a mold. Carve foam forms that help you shape the toe enclosures and ankle straps and stabilize the shoe while you assemble and transport it. Bring everything together with Elisa's construction tips and embellishments like contrasting insoles, trendy patterns, custom labels, metallic buckles and more. Create sugar shoes that walk the walk and outfit your cakes with sought-after accessories!

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High-Fashion Heels
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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet your instructor, cake artist Elisa Strauss, as she previews the three shoes you make in this class: a strappy stiletto, a leopard peep toe and an elegant mule and observe how you can use facets of each shoe to create nearly limitless variations!


Lesson 2. Plastic Foam Supports

  • Every shoe needs good support, and these sugar shoes are no exception! Elisa shows you how to carve custom foam forms for the sole and toe to support your shoes as they are being constructed. Use these forms again and again and customize them to the exact shoe you wish to make.


Lesson 3. Shaping Heels

  • Elisa demonstrates two methods for making heels: using a mold and shaping by hand. Discover how pastillage offers the strength and stability for this part of your shoe and gather tips for working with this medium.


Lesson 4. Constructing the Sole

  • Continue with pastillage as you add the sole of your shoe to your heel using the provided templates. Discover how to make reusable templates and how to get clean cuts and smooth curves. Finally, add stitching to your fresh pastillage if you wish!


Lesson 5. Strappy Red Stiletto

  • Now that the foundation of your shoe is built, switch your focus to the design as you work in gum paste. Create the insole, a banded toe enclosure and heel upper before painting an adorable molded buckle with gold trim. Add straps and plenty of stitching as you finish the little details that turn your sugar sculpture into a real shoe.


Lesson 6. Leopard Peep Toe

  • Expand your sugar shoe closet with this peep-toed beauty. Create a set-in, custom label as Elisa shows you how to transfer any design onto gum paste. Form the upper strap out of a single piece of gum paste and make an adorable pleated bow either by hand or using a mold. Master a combination of drybrush and liquid painting techniques to create a trendy leopard pattern.


Lesson 7. Elegant Mule

  • In your final variation, make a chic kitten-heel mule with ruffled trim and a pearl brooch accent. Learn to form and attach a pointed toe, fold a gum paste ribbon into a ruched ruffle and hand paint texture and shine onto a molded accent.

"What an awesome class! I have made many sugar shoes in my time and have taught multiple classes on the subject. Knowing how great Elisa is to learn from, I took this class anyway, and man, am I glad I did! I learned quite a few things that will take my shoe making to another level and so many tips and tricks to get an even more realistic shoe. This class is great for any level of cake artist and I highly recommend it! Great class as always Elisa!"
- MorselsByMark
Montreal, QC Canada

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Student Projects

Strappy Stiletto by Elisa Strauss
  • Photo of Elisa Strauss
  • by Elisa Strauss
  • Strappy Stiletto
Leopard Peep-Toe by Elisa Strauss
  • Photo of Elisa Strauss
  • by Elisa Strauss
  • Leopard Peep-Toe
Goth Shoe by Elisa Strauss
  • Photo of Elisa Strauss
  • by Elisa Strauss
  • Goth Shoe
Elegant Mule by Elisa Strauss
  • Photo of Elisa Strauss
  • by Elisa Strauss
  • Elegant Mule

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