Hand-Stitched Collage Quilts

with Laura Wasilowski

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Step away from your sewing machine and cut straight (or wonky) to the fun of creating fused art quilts with hand-stitched embellishments. Laura Wasilowski will show you how! Read More…

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Class Description

Laura shares whimsical designs for three small, single-block quilts that you can create along with her.  You'll add fusible web to your fabrics and learn how to protect your tools and work surfaces. Cutting out free-form appliqué shapes and composing your artwork are a breeze - your creativity and improvisation are encouraged!  Then it's time to add details and texture with a wealth of hand-embroidery stitches, from lazy daisies to French knots. Laura will show how to make more than a dozen stitches, and help you finish your quilt with batting, a colorful border and options for hanging. Laura's e-book Fanciful Stitches, Colorful Quilts is included free!

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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet Laura and learn about what you'll need in this class.


Lesson 2. House in the Valley

  • Start your quilt-fusing adventure with this whimsical composition. Start by building your house and learning about all your fabric and fusing choices.


Lesson 3. Adding Elements

  • Hand-stitching adds interesting elements like trees and grass. You'll learn to add flowers and clouds as well.


Lesson 4. Batting & Stitching

  • Batting adds heft and structure. Learn decorative stitches such as the running stitch, straight stitch, lazy daisy, French knot and more.


Lesson 5. Binding the Quilt

  • Give your quilt an attractive, finished edge by learning to add binding strips and rod pockets.


Lesson 6. Vase on the Table

  • Learn to use cloth wallpaper, tablecloth, vases and flowers to make an eye-catching still life in fabric.


Lesson 7. Stitching & Binding

  • Combine stitches such as the outline stitch and ermine stitch with a rolled binding.


Lesson 8. Bird on the Wing

  • Fields and trees unfold beneath a whimsical flying bird. Let Laura show you how to build depth across colorful fields.


Lesson 9. Pattern Transfers

  • Here's an easy way to transfer a pattern to your fabric. You'll use this technique again and again after learning with Laura's helpful instruction.


Lesson 10. Finishing Bird on the Wing

  • Embellish your bird! Learn the pistil and sheaf stitches in order to add character to any character. You'll also go over the chain stitch.


Lesson 11. Improvising with Scraps

  • Pull together new compositions by playing with scraps. Laura shows you how to turn leftovers into inspiration!


Lesson 12. Adding Stitches

  • Fern stitch and blanket stitch are additional fun embellishments that you'll learn with Laura's detailed instruction.

"I loved this Craftsy class and Laura is a great instructor. ... She explains and demonstrates all the steps very clearly and in a fun way. I watched all the lessons just sitting here mesmerized. Now I will go back and watch them again and actually make a project! I wake up at night planning all the various projects I want to make. I'm not getting much sleep but I'm enjoying it!"
- Jessierae

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Student Projects

First ever fused quilt by Teddymaker
  • Photo of Teddymaker
  • by Teddymaker
  • First ever fused quilt
Bird on the Wing (detail) by Laura Wasilowski
  • Photo of Laura Wasilowski
  • by Laura Wasilowski
  • Bird on the Wing (detail)
Second Project by Teddymaker
  • Photo of Teddymaker
  • by Teddymaker
  • Second Project
Summer Cottage: Airing Out the Quilts by SewBarb
  • Photo of SewBarb
  • by SewBarb
  • Summer Cottage: Airing Out the Quilts

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