Gravity-Defying Cake Designs

with Lauren Kitchens

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Create Lauren's gravity-defying waffle cake with a simple, hidden support structure. Use what you learn to achieve this amazing illusion with other designs, too! Read More…

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Class Description

Demystify the magic of gravity-defying cakes! Create an easy, sturdy base structure for Lauren's wonderful waffle cake. Mimic the grid pattern of a waffle with modeling chocolate and add scrumptious texture and realistic color. Then, shape a modeling chocolate syrup bottle and attach it to the top of your cake structure. Complete the poured-syrup effect by covering the cake support in amber-colored modeling chocolate that appears to spread out over the waffle. Give your syrup shine with edible lacquer, and finish this delectable design with pats of modeling chocolate butter. Plus, learn techniques like making ice cream from seized chocolate as you discover even more gravity-defying projects.

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Gravity-Defying Cake Designs
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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Meet Lauren Kitchens & Make a Waffle Cake

  • Meet Lauren and learn the secrets of her gravity-defying cake structure. Build your own waffle-cake structure with simple tools.


Lesson 2. Attaching the Cake & Crumb Coating

  • Prepare your cake to be placed on the support structure and crumb coat the cake with buttercream. Want to make a whole stack of waffles? You can do that, too!


Lesson 3. Covering the Cake

  • Now it’s time to create the waffle’s grooves with modeling chocolate, cover the cake with fondant and color it. Need to cut costs? Lauren has some thrifty tips.


Lesson 4. Making the Bottle & Syrup

  • Craft a bottle of syrup from modeling chocolate, then create a realistic pour and splash. Are there imperfections in your fondant? The “syrup” will cover them!


Lesson 5. Adding Shine & Butter

  • It’s easy to make your syrup look glossy and fluid. Lauren shares a low-cost alternative to professional lacquer. You also make some butter pats for added realism.


Lesson 6. Pouring Variations

  • Now you’ve got the idea, why not make some faux ice-cream cones or a paint-can cake? Lauren will show you how!


Lesson 7. Pulling Variations

  • Explore the reverse direction: Cakes with “pulled” details. Try a plate of spaghetti with suspended fork or a bird flying away with ribbons. The sky’s the limit!

"I loved this class! I learned so much and now have the know-how to pull off some gravity-defying designs of my own! Lauren is the mistress of modeling chocolate! I would buy any class she has on Craftsy!
- MorselsByMark
Montreal, QC Canada

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Student Projects

Flower Pot Cake by lynfer
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  • Flower Pot Cake
Defying Gravity by Lauren Kitchens
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  • Defying Gravity
Shrimp Noodle Bowl by Robin Haskett
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  • Shrimp Noodle Bowl
BITO Christmas Tree by Sheryl Bito
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  • by Sheryl Bito
  • BITO Christmas Tree

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