Fun Techniques With Fabric Paints

with Cindy Walter

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It's never been easier to become your own fabric designer! Use fabric paints and fun techniques effortlessly as you make custom designs. Read More…

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Class Description

Create the perfect fabric for piecing, appliqué, borders and backing with acclaimed quilting instructor Cindy Walter. Start with thin fabric paints as you blend vibrant hues with color-wash techniques, easily produce sophisticated patterns with heliographing and enhance the intricacy of your work in minutes — with salt! Use thick fabric paints along with stamping, stenciling and direct painting techniques to create beautiful designs without artistic expertise. Trace and paint patterns onto fabric to achieve the look of intricate piecing in a fraction of the time. Plus, unlock bold effects with mixed-media materials such as 3-D paints, ink pens, decorative threads and more! Make custom fabrics with easy-to-use paints that are completely colorfast.

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Fun Techniques With Fabric Paints
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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. The Exciting World of Fabric Paints

  • Meet your instructor, quilting author and television co-host Cindy Walter. You’ll receive a fun, colorful introduction to fabric paints and dyes before learning some basic color theory tips, which will help inform all of your future fabric choices.


Lesson 2. Types of Fabric Paints

  • It can seem daunting to get started with fabric paints, but Cindy helps make the process easy and accessible. You’ll learn the difference between thick and thin paint types, including what the best uses for both are and how to shop for the best kind of paint. You’ll also learn how to set up a workspace that will keep messes and disorganization at bay!


Lesson 3. Color-Wash Painting: The Basics

  • Dive into a painting project as you learn how to make a beautiful, artistic color wash on your fabric. Cindy demonstrates step-by-step tips for creating a wash with thin paints, including how to work with both wet and dry fabrics. Start with one color before adding different hues to create painted projects that are truly one of a kind.


Lesson 4. Color-Wash Alternatives

  • Take your painting skills a step further as you explore more color-wash variations. Cindy shows you how to make miniature science projects out of your painting sessions, employing techniques like salting, heliographing, scrunching and more. You’ll love how many new techniques are available, right under your fingertips!


Lesson 5. Using Thick Paints

  • Switch from thin paints to thick paints as Cindy shares even more addictive and fun methods with you. Learn how to use store-bought or homemade stamps and stencils to create intriguing patterns of all shapes and sizes. You’ll also learn how to plunge into a landscape or other imaginary scene for the background or main subject of any quilt.


Lesson 6. Painting Miniature Quilts

  • Discover the possibilities of working with miniature quilts as Cindy walks you through the process of painting and finishing a tiny artistic creation. Use the template provided in class or create your own as you paint a mini version of your favorite painted project. The end result can be used as home decor or even a bedspread for a dollhouse!


Lesson 7. Mixed Media

  • Let your imagination run wild as you mix and match various types of media in any combination you can dream up. Cindy shares examples that will inspire you to put your artistic passions into play, including ink, stamps, beads, pastels, pencils, yarns and much more. You’ll finish the class bursting with new ideas for incorporating paints and other media into projects of all shapes and forms.

“Cannot thank you enough! I love, love, love ... the assortment of classes, as well as the fact that I can watch the lessons at my own pace, the instructions, the ability to write myself notes, etc. I also love the fact that the classes are for life! Thank you again for such a fantastic and wonderful site for just about everything I love to do!”
Sierra Foothills, CA

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Student Projects

Abstract Painting by jgriinke
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  • Abstract Painting
Mini-Quilt & Stamping Techniques by Cindy Walter
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  • Mini-Quilt & Stamping Techniques
Heliography Patterns by Cindy Walter
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  • by Cindy Walter
  • Heliography Patterns
Stamping Techniques by Cindy Walter
  • Photo of Cindy Walter
  • by Cindy Walter
  • Stamping Techniques

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