French Home Cooking: The Essential Techniques

with Cynthia Nims

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Master foundational techniques at the heart of French cooking to create eight delicious dishes — from a lofty soufflé to a perfect roast chicken to a silky custard-style ice cream. Read More…

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Class Description

Experience the incredible flavors and surprising ease of authentic French meals, led by renowned cookbook author and culinary instructor Cynthia Nims. Discover expert prep and seasoning tips for rustic fish chowder and classic roast chicken; and develop the confidence to approach an array of recipes with your newfound skills. Learn to make a béchamel base for a delectable cheese soufflé and whip egg whites perfectly so that the souffleé never falls flat, and explore the regional variations on a classic savory beef and mushroom stew. Create irresistible potato gratin, and learn the secrets to creating silky-smooth pommes purée. Plus, make crème anglaise, the classic dessert sauce, and use it to create a French custard ice cream with vanilla beans. Sign up to create a range of beloved French recipes with skills you’ll use again and again!

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French Home Cooking: The Essential Techniques
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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Meet Cynthia Nims & Get Started

  • Learn the key techniques and explore the range of flavoring options for classic French vinaigrette, and then compose a traditional salade verte.


Lesson 2. Classic Soufflé au Fromage (Cheese Soufflé)

  • Master the art of the lofty soufflé by learning how to make flawless béchamel sauce, whip egg whites to perfection, and fold ingredients.


Lesson 3. Fish Chowder

  • Make beautifully clear fish stock from scratch and then use it as your base for a hearty fish chowder thickened with crème fraîche.


Lesson 4. Poulet Rôti (Roast Chicken)

  • Learn the secrets to poulet rôti — the famous French-style roast chicken — and finish it with a simple pan sauce.


Lesson 5. French Beef & Mushroom Stew

  • Create a hearty, soul-satisfying, traditional French beef stew and learn how to make famous regional variations like Boeuf Bourguignon with just a few ingredient swaps.


Lesson 6. The French Way With Potatoes

  • Learn the techniques behind elegant French potato dishes by creating a gratin and a silky pommes purée.


Lesson 7. French Custard Ice Cream

  • Steep whole vanilla beans in milk to unleash their flavor, then make a creamy custard as the base of your ice cream.

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Student Projects

Custard-Style Vanilla Ice Cream by Cynthia Nims
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  • Custard-Style Vanilla Ice Cream
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  • Beef stew

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