Free Motion Fillers, Vol. 2

with Leah Day

Photo of Leah Day

Leah Day returns with 50 new free-motion filler designs in this in-depth quilting class. Sew a reversible tote bag to show off your skills! Read More…

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Class Description

Whether you've taken Leah's other Craftsy classes or are discovering this talented teacher for the first time, you'll appreciate her patient and thorough instruction. Learn all about five new free-motion stitch families: overlapping, foundational, edge-to-edge, edge-to-center and stem-centered designs. Then turn your practice pieces into a reversible quilted tote.

Make every day a free-motion quilting day ... with Leah Day!

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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Preparing the Free-Motion Canvas

  • Meet Leah and get started making a tote bag and preparing your free-motion canvas.


Lesson 2. Free-Motion Quilting Basics

  • Learn the basics of free-motion quilting, including stitching in the ditch, hiding thread tails, and proper hand movement.


Lesson 3. Auditioning Designs

  • Learn how to audition your quilting designs, including choosing the proper thread color and scaling your motifs.


Lesson 4. Overlapping Designs

  • Learn a variety of quilting designs with Leah and have fun stitching them.


Lesson 5. Foundational Designs

  • Go over what foundational designs are and learn how to stitch a wide variety of them.


Lesson 6. Edge-to-Edge Designs

  • Learn about edge-to-edge quilting designs and go over a myriad of designs.


Lesson 7. Edge-to-Center Designs

  • Continue learning new designs as you go over edge-to-center quilting.


Lesson 8. Stem-Centered Design

  • Learn even more new, fun quilting designs; these involve motifs with center stems.


Lesson 9. Build Your Bag

  • Finish your tote bag project by binding it together and attaching the strap.

"Leah! You are amazing! I have now stitched 100 of your designs and have learned so much! Some of them I thought were too complicated, but working through them with you made me capable of doing them myself..... I am thrilled with what I have learned. I look forward to many more days of working with you!!!!! Thank you so much."
- JoJo3

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Student Projects

Stem-Centered Designs by Leah Day
  • Photo of Leah Day
  • by Leah Day
  • Stem-Centered Designs
Edge to Center Designs by Leah Day
  • Photo of Leah Day
  • by Leah Day
  • Edge to Center Designs
Free Motion Fillers, Vol. 2 by Joy Healy
  • Photo of Joy Healy
  • by Joy Healy
  • Free Motion Fillers, Vol. 2
Quilted Tote by Leah Day
  • Photo of Leah Day
  • by Leah Day
  • Quilted Tote

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