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Free Motion Fillers, Vol. 1

with Leah Day
Free Motion Fillers, Vol. 1
Give 50 free-motion filler designs a whirl with instructor Leah Day in this in-depth quilting class. Stitch each design to create an impressive and unique quilt.

Tackle your projects with newfound confidence as you learn how to quilt 50 unique free-motion filler designs with the popular Leah Day. She teaches you useful quilting techniques in a variety of stitch families, including independent, stacking, pivoting, echoing and branching stitches. Quilt each design onto blocks you will piece into an exciting, impressive quilt.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Meet Leah Day

  • Meet your instructor, Leah, and learn about everything you need for successful stitching. Leah will walk you through machine settings, thread choices and this class's project.


Lesson 2. Ugly Stitches & Scale

  • Learn to make even stitches with Leah's help. You'll troubleshoot common mistakes and gain a greater understanding of the foot pedal.


Lesson 3. Independent Designs

  • Start with stippling and then see how to make Leah's spirals, including the Basic Spiral, Drunk Spiral, Blazing Spiral and Angle Spiral.


Lesson 4. Stacking Designs

  • Start stacking your designs as Leah shows you how to make Saw Blades, Cobblestones, Basic Star, Triangle Mosaic, Oil Slick, Modern Weave, Trapped Ripples, Cubing and Missing Piece.


Lesson 5. Pivoting Designs

  • You'll be ready to pivot with these designs: Heart Paisley, Drunk Pointy Paisley, Abstract Leaf, Light Bulb Leaf, Hosta Leaves, Spike Paisley, Lava Paisley and Kidney Stones.


Lesson 6. Echoing Designs

  • Learn to let your designs evolve out with Leah's echo motifs, including Echo Shell, Trippy Triangles, Ball Bearings, Pebble Ribbles, Cubic Ripples, Hot Candy and Brain Coral.


Lesson 7. Branching Designs

  • Leah shares 11 branching designs, including the basis of all branching: McTavishing. She also gives you pointers on how to finish the quilt.


Lesson 8. All-Over Quilting

  • Discuss domestic versus longarm machines with Leah. You'll also learn quadrant quilting.


Lesson 9. Supplemental Basting Lesson

  • Leah shares her basting method - from starching and pressing to pinning. You'll also get her candid opinion on spray basting.

"You have given me the confidence to give this a go. Even designs I had thought I wouldn't stitch out, I have and I love them. Thank you Leah, love your work and teaching style."
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Geelong Victoria. Australia

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