Fondant Frills

with Maggie Austin

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Couture cake artist Maggie Austin shows you how to create an elegant ombre cake with her signature – and secret! – frill technique. Read More…

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Class Description

Have you admired Maggie Austin's sophisticated frill cakes from afar and wondered, "How in the world does she do that?" Well, wonder no more – Maggie reveals her top-secret techniques on Craftsy! In this class, Maggie demonstrates every step involved in creating her signature frill ombré cake topped with sugar paste cabbage roses. Along the way, she shares industry know-how on cake display, artistic advice on color combinations, and her compelling cake story: how she overcame a career-ending injury, pursued a dream and built a thriving cake business.

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Fondant Frills
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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet Maggie Austin, and let your imagination run wild as you prepare to create your own fondant frills.


Lesson 2. Ombré Coloring

  • Learn the secrets of fabulous color as you create your desired hue and add white to subsequent batches for a dazzling ombre effect.


Lesson 3. Frilling

  • The secret is revealed! Maggie exposes her signature fondant frill techniques (and the process will surprise you!)


Lesson 4. Edging the Frills

  • Work with wet and dry techniques to add stunning color to the edges of your frills, making your cakes look even more magical.


Lesson 5. Making Gum Paste

  • Maggie offers tips and tricks on preparing, kneading and adding color to create the ideal gum paste.


Lesson 6. Inner Cabbage Rose Petals

  • Create the inner petals of a cabbage rose as you learn valuable drying and storage techniques.


Lesson 7. Outer Cabbage Rose Petals

  • Add the outer petals as you complete the construction of your lovely blooms.


Lesson 8. Coloring & Preparing Flowers

  • Bring your flower to life with carefully researched and crafted colors, steaming it at the end to set its brilliant hues.


Lesson 9. Staging the Cake

  • Maggie shares how to avoid event-day disasters and showcase your work of art with display tips, fresh flower techniques and more.

"Maggie Austin's Fondant Frills was the first cake decorating class I had taken on Craftsy or otherwise. This class was truly inspiring because it not only teaches the secret to achieving Maggie's beautiful frill technique but also gives you insight into her design philosophy. Throughout the class she discusses the importance of imperfection and how it occurs in nature. She shows the class how to achieve it in your own work, whether it be frills or flowers."
- TarynEli

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Student Projects

Gradient Hydrangea by Maggie Austin
  • Photo of Maggie Austin
  • by Maggie Austin
  • Gradient Hydrangea
Rose Frill by Maggie Austin
  • Photo of Maggie Austin
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  • Rose Frill
Roses & Ruffles Wedding Cake by CakeBakerMoney
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  • by CakeBakerMoney
  • Roses & Ruffles Wedding Cake
Spring Dogwood Cake by SherylBr
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  • by SherylBr
  • Spring Dogwood Cake

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