Floor Loom Weaving

with Janet Dawson

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Learn to weave on a loom for the first time or get your skills up to warp speed with Janet Dawson in Floor Loom Weaving. Read More…

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Class Rating

(27 reviews)

Friday Studios
rated 5 stars

Great course!

I loved this course, It was very thorough and held in an calm and un intimidating manner. I learned lots of smart little tips and got answers to a few things I have been wondering about. This is a great class for any beginning weaver and probably for the not so beginning weavers as well. It made me believe I can do it too!

rated 5 stars

Fantastic Class!

This is one of my favorite classes on Craftsy, and I have a lot! I have been weaving on a rigid heddle loom, and I decided to buy this class to see what floor weaving is all about.
Janet is an excellent teacher--you can see that she has taught weaving for a long time because the class flows from start to finish in a very logical way to follow. She covers all the basics, in detail and carefully to make sure not to go too quickly for beginners as she explains and demonstrates each step. ...

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rated 5 stars

Absolutely The Best

Having taken a three day floor loom weaving class at my LYS from a less than encouraging instructor; I can honestly say that Janet Dawson is a breath of fresh air. Janet's teaching method left me feeling encouraged, and confident in my own abilities. I have learned more from Janet than I did in that three day class, in books or anywhere else. I am so impressed with the entire platform of this class. The ability to watch any portion of the class as needed, to ask Janet questions or share ...

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rated 5 stars

Best Teacher Ever

I've been taking weaving classes for about a year. I have learned more from this class than I have from my weaving classes. Janet is an excellent teacher. I have learned so many pointers to improve my weaving. I am certainly hoping that there are more weaving classes from Janet. I would love to learn how to double weave from Janet. Having classes for different yarns and techniques would be great. I am glad I purchased this class, worth every penny!

rated 5 stars

A great reference tool

I have had this class for a while now. It is my number reference source. I am a new weaver, so every time I warp the loom I have this video with me. As I dress the loom, I can either follow along with Janet, or check to make sure I am doing it correctly.

This class has such is extensive. I paid $150 for a class 10 years ago that covered about 10% of what is covered in this class. The price of this class is pennies compared to my local classes. Plus I get to play it again and ...

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