Floor Loom Weaving

with Janet Dawson

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Learn to weave on a loom for the first time or get your skills up to warp speed with Janet Dawson in Floor Loom Weaving. Read More…

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Class Rating

(46 reviews)

rated 5 stars


This class made everything doable, and I loved the teacher and her thouroughness!

rated 5 stars

Good Introduction

I have a teacher from our local Weaving Guild. She's a wonderful mentor but is not always close by when I have a problem. As a visual learner it it helpful for me to see the solutions to problems, not just read or be told and I am finding the course very helpful.

rated 5 stars


Thank you for this wonderful class on Floor Loom Weaving. I had been using a 32 inch rigid heddle for about ten months and then decided to get a Baby Wolf. I was a little overwhelmed and intimidated when it arrived, but your video made things clear and concise. I watched every step and then performed the task of dressing the loom (which took two days the first time}. I feel comfortable and confident thanks to you.


rated 5 stars

I'll Be A Much Happier Weaver With Janet.

Janet is awesome, she's filling in all the blank spots and the little nitty gritty stuff left untouched/unsaid by other videos. It's a bit slow but it needs to be as I especially like her dealing with all the pitfalls and mistakes that are common with new weavers. I think she has saved me much time and frustration. Thank you Janet.

rated 5 stars

No more fear of my loom!!!

I was incredibly intimidate by my floor loom. This class has me loving every step of the weaving process - no more fear at all! I actually enjoy dressing my loom by myself with Janet's hints & tips. Take this class if you have a floor loom, even if you are already weaving, The extra tips & helpful hints are worth the price alone. Fantastic instructor. Hope Craftsy does more classes with Ms. Dawson!

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