Figure Anatomy for the Artist

with Roberto Osti

Photo of Roberto Osti

Conquer the complexities of figure drawing with the indispensable system of line, shape and form used by da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo! Read More…

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Class Rating

(9 reviews)

rated 5 stars


Roberto Osti's Figure Anatomy for the Artist is extremely helpful. I have read quite a lot on anatomy throughout the years, but it wasn't until I systematically drew out the proportions and measurements that I was able to really understand the relationships in an applicable way. I have completed the first session and am filling a sketchbook with extremely detailed notes. Hands-on rendering makes all the difference in committing the knowledge to memory.

rated 5 stars

Amazing Class. I Learned A lot From The First Lesson That I Can't Wait For The Next Lesson

I really enjoyed this class. I have been struggling to draw the human body for a long time. This first lesson put everything in perspective. This class has given me the confidence to jump right into drawing again.

joe bergholm
rated 5 stars


Very helpful.

rated 5 stars

Must Have Information For Artist (and Everyone Else Too)

This is a must have class for any artist drawing the human body. It illustrates how the body is formed from the inside out, and what allows us to move the way we do. Mr Osti is an excellent instructor with indepth knowledge of his subject and a well prepared, understandable approach to the material. Bravo and thank you.

rated 5 stars

Only A Few Classes In But....

I can't tell you how much I've learned just by watching the first 4 sessions! I went to my figure drawing group last night and felt so much better!! Usually, I get lost during some of the poses, or I feel like the 2 minute poses make my head explode, but I felt much more confident knowing where things should be and quickly seeing and fixing mistakes! Couldn't be happier:)

It's so important to really understand the body and not just copy what you see when drawing. Roberto has, in his ...

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